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From: MJ in Australia

Title: PSA dropped from 58 to 0.06 in 32 days

My PSA was 58 and could not get it down. After 32 days of being on your products, my PSA dropped to 0.06. I would not have thought it would have been this low. This is the lowest it has ever been since I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

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From: W.C. in Washington, DC

Title: PSA dropped from 5.6 to 3.2 in 32 days

Doctor wanted to do biopsy, stating I could have prostate cancer with a PSA of 5.6. Started on Nutrition 2000 products and after 32 days my PSA dropped to 3.2. Will get a new PSA within the next 30 days and will update this information. I also plan to get a colon doppler sonogram. It is non-invasive and as Nutrition 2000 indicated that the PSA increase may only be due to prostatitis. I am very happy to have found Nutrition 2000.

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From: T.T. in Utah

Title: Prostatitis

I have had Prostatitis for over 8 to 9 years. It would come and go and my PSA would average from 4 to 6 almost at any given time. I had tried many different drugs to help deal with this issue but to no avail. I got on the internet and found Nutrition 2000 Prostatitis Protocol. I have been on this Protocol for over 60 days now and the fungal infection is gone. I feel great and this Protocol did within 30 days what the drugs would not do. I have not had a new PSA yet. I will have one in Sept at my next Doctor's visit. I want to thank Nutrition 2000 for having the products and experience to deal with this issue.

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From: S.R. in Alabama

Title: PSA dropped 4.4 to 0.3 in 30 days

I was diagnosed wtih Prostate Cancer with a Gleason Score of 6 and a PSA of 4.4. Perhaps you can imagine the joy my wife and I had when we received the email from our Doctor saying my PSA had dropped from 4.4 to 0.3 after only 30 days on your regime. RCOG says 0.2 is cure level when it is achieved and maintained following their seed implantation and external beam. To be sooooo close called for a few moments of prayful gratitude and a celebration so we went out to Brio's and had a wonderful meal.

I look forward to talking to you following the next PSA in about 30 days.

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From: S.H. in North Carolina

Title: PSA went from 486 to 0.2

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in late 1999. My first approach was to try many different herbs and natural products to control my prostate cancer after batteling this for several years. My PSA had reached up to 486. Found Nutrition 2000 and got on their recommended Protocol for 6 months at which time I got a new PSA. After nearly 6 months my PSA went down to 0.2 (almost undetectable). This Protocol was an answer to my prayers.

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From: James K in Arizona

Title: Elevated PSA - 9.4 to 2.9 in 30 days

I want to thank Nutrition 2000 for saving me from a biopsy that my Doctor wanted me to have. About 2 weeks ago I had my routine physical and since I'm over the age of 50, my Doctor recommended I have my PSA tested. Within a few days, the Doctor's office called and told me my PSA was very high at 9.4 and that I needed to see the Doctor ASAP. Within a week, I followed up with a Doctor's visit at which time he advised me to go see a Urologist since he thought I Prostate Cancer and needed a Biopsy right away.

I talked with my wife about this and she suggested I do what the Doctor told me to do, that she did not want to lose me. I told her that I wanted to wait a few days and think it over. A couple days later I ran into an old friend of mine who told me I needed to call Nutrition 2000.

I called Nutrition 2000 and decided to go on their program for 60 days until my next PSA test. After 30 days, I decided to go ahead an get a PSA test and my PSA was already down to 2.9. Of course I was very pleased. Nutrition 2000 advised I have a color doppler sonogram completed. I took their advice and the Urologist advised me that he saw no sign of cancer but he did see some inflammation present and for me not to overly concerned.

If I had listened to my Doctor and my wife I would have done the Biopsy for no reason. I want to thank Nutrition 2000 and there staff for having the knowledge to direct me into the right direction.

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From: BJ in Illinois

Title: PSA declined from 15.3 to 2.3 in 32 days

Started on Nutrition 2000 program and after 32 days PSA went from 15.3 to 2.3. I am very pleased. My Doctor said to keep doing what I have been doing. He was very pleased.

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From: AP in Florida

Title: PSA declined from 7 to 2.9 in 36 days

Called Nutrition 2000 after being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer (PSA 7; Gleason 7) and was very reluctant to start the program however I decided to go ahead. After 36 days, my PSA went from 7 down to 2.9 and would have probably been lower had I watched my diet closer. If you have Prostate Cancer, I urge you to try their program - I am very very Happy!

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From: Rosemary Gerig

Title: Follicular Lymphoma

In July 2006 I enrolled in the Nutrition 2000 program because I have Follicular Lymphoma. The side effects that I was experiencing after Chemotherapy began to respond and disappear. My energy has returned and the visible enlarged lymphnodes have diminished in size. I have been very pleased with the results and the contacts with your staff have been positive and so helpful. My friends and acquaintances are aware that I am choosing an alternative to chemotherapy and are watching with great interest and support.

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From: WC in California

Title: PSA, Cholesterol and Weight declined dramatically.

I had my prostate removed 2 years ago with a PSA of 9 Gleason 6. Approximately 6 months ago my PSA moved back up to 3.5. Thirty days later, my Doctor wanted me to start on Lupron. I did some research on Lupron and decided I did not like this idea. I got on the internet and found Nutrition 2000. I started on the program they recommended and within 30 days my PSA went to .01. In addition, my cholesterol went from over 240 to 190. I also lost 20 pounds that I needed to lose of course.

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From: Steve Sharpe

Title: Update

After a psa of 1.2 in 5-06 and now a psa of 1.3 in 11-06.This is proof that the prostate protocol is working. My overall health is much better, my immune system is much stronger. My energy level is great, I feel like a 20 year old again (I'm 54). All my body functions are normal. I live life everyday now with confidence and peace. God bless you. Thanks again Larry Pope. If you would like to discuss your prostate cancer issues fell free to call me at (989) 366-0358 P.S. Don't expect your Dr to be thrilled with your success, He is no longer making money off you now.

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Original Testimonial

After my 50th Birthday I went for a physical 11-02. The doctor found a nodule on my prostate. After a biopsy I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My PSA was 2.2 with a Gleeson score of 6. Around April of 03 I went to Cancer Treatment Centers of America and had Brachytherapy (not the seeds) followed by five weeks of external beam radiation. My urethra was burned and I suffered from rectal irritation and bleeding. I had surgery to repair my urethra because I was unable to urinate. I was put on two prescriptions one to relax the prostate so I could urinate and then the other was to keep me from going too frequently. I was also told that I would have to be on these medicines the rest of my life... My sex life was ruined I suffered extreme pain and burning during urination. I was told my treatments and PSA would go down, but they never did. In the summer of 2005 my PSA went up to 4.7. I was told my treatments did not work. My urologist and oncologist told me there was nothing they could do for me. My only option was Cryotherpey. My options were few and only 53 years old. I already had an appointment for the Cryotherapy when my wife discovered the website for Nutrition 2000 Prostate Protocol. After doing some research I called Larry Pope and he sent me some information. I went on the Prostate Protocol mid October 2005, in two weeks the symptoms started to subside. By mid December of 2005 the urinary burning and rectal bleeding were 90% better and I no longer was on any prescriptions. I got my sex life back and I have the energy of a 20 year old. My PSA went down to 2.11. I have been given my life back again. I now have hope for a long healthy life. Thank you and God Bless, (989) 366-0358

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From: Diane Northouse

Title: Feeling better then ever

Hi! I have been on the candida cleanse for about a month and a half now. I wanted to let you know that I am feeling so much better than I have for a long long time. I know this is just the beginning though. I have struggled with fungus in my body and candida for I think most of my life. I think this stuff is the best on the market so far. Who ever came up with this mix (even tho it tastes like shoe polish) thank them for me please!! YOu don't know how its helped me. I am soo grateful. I will be ordering another bottle for sure. Keep up the good work. Your help line was very informative also.

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From: James Lester

Title: PSA down from 4.9 to 0.14

In March 2006, I had a psa test score of 4.9. That was up from 3.8 the prior year. My age being 68 made these scores suspicious in that the increase was in the risk category. I refused to see a urologist, as I knew these tests were not always accurate. However, I prevailed upon my family doctor to get a new test, and it came back even higher...5.8. That got my attention. After a biopsy, I found that I had prostate cancer with a gleason score of 3 plus 4 = 7. That is in the aggressive category. I had a tumor rating of tc3.

I was offered the standard operation for removal of the prostate, cryotherapy-freezing, radiation, and even the latest of standard treatments, proton therapy, along with the pellets or bracchy therapy. Some of these are in tandem, etc. All of them had poor results..i.e. not over 60%. I found nutrition 2000 on the internet, and talked to Larry Pope over the phone. I began the 90 day protocol with lots of criticism from family, friends (even ridiculed me), and my doctor. Nonetheless, I persevered, as I knew natural cures often work without the barbaric side effects of, impotence, urinary problems, colon problems, etc.

After 75 days, I decided to get a new psa test. I alr7eady used prayer and strict adherence to the protocol, including juicing, baths, hot pad use with cod liver oil, and all the different phytonutrients given for each thirty day period. my new psa is 0.14. Thats down from 5.6 in April. It is now Oct. 2006, and I will get a confirmatory color dopler sonigram or AMAS test in another month. This program worked! Against all the naysayers and criticism both Jim and Larry, kept me encouraged to bolster my confidence. Thanks to this natural protocol, I have put prostate cancer on its heels, and have none of the terrible side effects.

I mention that I graduated from college with honors, obtained a master's degree, and later a doctors degree in law and was a judge for twenty years not to claim self importance, but to help validate that I am not some quack providing false information. All the above is true. James L. Oct, 24, 2006.

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From: Warwick Goldsworthy

Title: PSA dwon 48 to 2

Dear Larry, In mid July 2006 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After studying your website and deciding to go with your program I made an appointment with my doctor and he was open to me going with your program despite the advice of the urologist that I should start a course of hormone therapy and radiation.A blood test was taken at this time and showed a PSA count of 48. I started your program the following day and 30 days later had another blood sample taken. The PSA count was down to 2. To say I am delighted is an understatment! I'm over the moon and wish to thank all and everyone at Nutrition 2000. With warm appreciation, Sincerly Warwick Goldsworthy

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