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From: Floyd Parks, MD

Title: PSA dropped from 6 to 1.8 in 35 days.

I'm writing to report my success so far after 35 days on Nutrition 2000's Prostate Program. My story is as follows:

I'm 66 years old. I have gotten PSA tests with my regular medical checkups for years which always ran steadily about 4.0. Then, about 2 years ago at my physical, the PSA went to 19.0. I was immediately sent to a urologist who thought that infection was indicated because the rate jumped so high so fast. He gave me a course of Cypro. After 5 months, the PSA went down to 5.1. However, 6 months later it had jumped to 6.8. More Cypro did not bring it down below 6 (6.1). My urologist recommended a biopsy. It showed cancer present in two of the 12 probe needles, all on one side. The pathologist scored it a Gleason 6. No other envidence of cancer was found and I had no other symptoms. DRE was also negative. I was told I had various options, including prostate removal surgery, freezing, radiation, seed and/or "watchful waiting". I was not told of any program or dietary/lifestyle protocol such as the one at Nutrition 2000. However, I got books on the subject, including one called, "Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery", which mentioned PC Spes, herbal remedies and dietary regimens which had been practiced with great results. I also got on the Internet and researched "Prostate Cancer". Through this, I found Nutrition 2000's website and emailed for more information.

I was telephoned that same evening by Larry Pope who described the program and I elected to go on it for 30 days. It required numerous changes for me, but none were that onerous that I could not dovetail them into my schedule. I did adhear to the program both in doing and taking what was required at the times and in the amounts stated, and I followed strictly the dietary protocol. Meanwhile, I got a 2nd opinion from another urologist and pathologist which mirrored what the 1st one had told me (Except the 2nd pathologist put the Gleason score at 7).

After 35 days on the Protocol (I couldn't get the blood test sooner), my PSA was down to a remarkable 1.8. The Free PSA went up from the low teens to the high twenties. My cholesterol went down to 116 with the HDL at 38. This allowed me to discontinue my Lippitor. I am estatic!

I am now on the second 30 day period of the program, which is not as difficult as the first 30 days to follow. My family doctor says she wants a follow up PSA in 3 months. I am thankful that I found the Nutrition 2000 Protocol because I came very close to "biting the bullet" and scheduling major surgery which may not be necessary after all.

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From: Hank Tanner, Gainsville, GA

Title: AMAS test indicated NO MORE CANCER.

My family doctor had treated me for prostatitis for years. My PSA started rising in early 2004 and by September was 8.4. I went to a local urologist for a biopsy on September 30, 2004. On Oct 4, 2004, my urologist called to tell me that the results were in and could I come by that afternoon. All 5 biopsy needles on the left lobe showed 75 percent of the tissue cancerous and all 5 of the test scores for the right lobe were 80 percent cancerous. A Gleason Score of 7 (3+4), Stage T2b. As I found out the urologist wanted to operate as soon as possible. Naturally, I was stunned, shocked and quite frankly scared. My father had died from prostate cancer in 1979 at the age of 69. It had metastisized and he didn't last but about 7 months.

I began my research on the Internet, reading books and articles, including Dr. Patrick Walsh's book on "Surviving Prostate Cancer", which is one of the best books on dealing with prostate cancer. I called and talked with friends and strangers that had prostate cancer and had prostectomies, cryosurgery, radiation therapy in all forms, and hormonal therapy. I was scheduled for surgery in Atlanta, GA at Emory Hospital with one of the top surgeons in the country for December 20,2004. On December 13, 2004, the nurse called and said that my insurance compnay wasn't going to cover the surgery as they deemed it a pre-existing condition. I had just taken out this policy on April 1, 2004, having no idea that I had prostate cancer.

At that point I continued my research and, by luck or divine intervention, I came across Nutrition 2000's website. Larry Pope contacted me and at first I was skeptical. He gave me a list of men who were on the Nutrition 2000 Protocol and I called them all. Everyone had their own unique story but the results were the same. Depending on how long they had been on the program, their PSA was down and for those who had been through the initial 45 days, there was no sign of cancer. So I began on December 15, 2004 with Nutrition 2000's Protocol. It was amazing, the first night I got up one time to go to the bathroom. I had been getting up every hour and a half for months. The most I have gotten up is 2 times at night and that's when I drink liquids after 7:00 p.m. On December 14, 2004, I had another PSA to establish a starting point. The PSA was 7.48. On January 21, 2005, I had another PSA test. It was 0.5. The free PSA was 0.10 or 20 percentpercent. On February 14, 2005, I got the results of the AMAS test from Oncolab in Boston. The test measures the antibodies in your blood, the AMA or Anti-Malignin Antibody, which if elevated will give an indication if there is any cancer of any type active in your body. My results came back NORMAL.

As someone who has been through the lows of finding out you have cancer and talking with friends who have suffered from the results of surgery, impotence and incontinence, I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to use this Protocol. I only wish I had found it sooner and I would have had the results sooner. I am going to keep watch on my PSA and if for any reason I don't continue to get the results I have had and expect, I know what my alternatives are and will do whatever is necessary. In the meantime, it's great to be a healthy, happy 52 year old with a wonderful family and friends.

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From: J. Markoe, New York, NY

Title: PSA dropped a point a day from 24.6 to 3.2 in 25 days.

To anybody out there who is scared and confused like I was

I was feeling like Humpty Dumpty. Do you remember the nursery rhyme:"all the kings' horses and all the kings' men, couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again". That's how I felt...No matter what I did my PSA just kept going up. (Weeks of raw foods, wheat grass and sprouts, weeks at a Brazilian Miracle Healer, tried the Macrobiotic diet and Living Foods diet...using all kinds of supplements and more...but my PSA was steadily rising as if I was being stalked by the devil himself).

The Nutrition 2000 Protocol dropped my PSA by about a point a day from 24.6 to 3.2 in 25 days.

When I called today for my PSA test I was SURE it would still be higher because I was so used to being disappointed and scared every time I got a new PSA test. Today was maybe my 8th PSA in 10 months of being scared. When the secretary told me it was 3.2, my first reaction was "oh God it's 32". The secretary said no, it's 3.2 not 32...it's within normal range for your age. I asked her to check the name on the report to see if it was the right person....Yes she said it was me...Then I asked her to fax it to me so I could see it for myself and see that my name was on it. Yes it was!!

I took the PSA test after 25 days instead of after 30 to 40 days as the program suggests because I was too scared and impatient to wait to see if it was working.

I was crying tears of joy after so many months of trying one thing after another only to have my PSA keep going up. Not only did the Nutrition 2000 protocol bring it down, but it brought it down to 1/8 of what it was in just 25 days. That's a point a day! I think this is unheard of anywhere.

I only tried Nutrition 2000 this January even though I knew about it since April (I wish I had done it then). The reason I didn't do it in April was that I have a refrigerator and shelves full of EVERY kind of vitamin you could imagine and I was SURE that these Nutrition 2000 people couldn't sell me anything I didn't already have. Well I was wrong, their protocol is so creative and so original, it's unlike anything I hadd ever heard of and yet is seems as natural as if it came from God which I believe it did. Honestly, the only reason I tried it was because of the Money Back Guarantee if they did not lower my PSA in 40 days and also the fact that Larry offered me as many phone numbers as I wanted of other guys who were on the Protocol. After calling them and hearing their stories, I decided to try it because I had nothing to lose. Well I did lose......I lost my high PSA!!!

Thank God this natural program works so well, because as I'm sure you know, the alternatives are just plain Barbaric.

God bless Larry Pope and Nutrition 2000. They are truly a miracle from God. Oh yeah...one more thing. Larry actually TALKS to you for quite a long time and seems to care. NOT like most doctors I have met, who give only short answers and don't seem to care at all.

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From: Steve Sharpe, Houghton Lake, MI

Title: Prostate Protocol restores the life of a 53 year old.

After my 50th Birthday I went for a physical 11-02. The doctor found a nodule on my prostate. After a biopsy I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My PSA was 2.2 with a Gleeson score of 6. Around April of 03 I went to Cancer Treatment Centers of America and had Brachytherapy (not the seeds) followed by five weeks of external beam radiation. My urethra was burned and I suffered from rectal irritation and bleeding. I had surgery to repair my urethra because I was unable to urinate. I was put on two prescriptions one to relax the prostate so I could urinate and then the other was to keep me from going too frequently. I was also told that I would have to be on these medicines the rest of my life... My sex life was ruined I suffered extreme pain and burning during urination. I was told my treatments and PSA would go down, but they never did. In the summer of 2005 my PSA went up to 4.7. I was told my treatments did not work. My urologist and oncologist told me there was nothing they could do for me. My only option was Cryotherpey. My options were few and only 53 years old. I already had an appointment for the Cryotherapy when my wife discovered the website for Nutrition 2000 Prostate Protocol. After doing some research I called Larry Pope and he sent me some information. I went on the Prostate Protocol mid October 2005, in two weeks the symptoms started to subside. By mid December of 2005 the urinary burning and rectal bleeding were 90% better and I no longer was on any prescriptions. I got my sex life back and I have the energy of a 20 year old. My PSA went down to 2.11. I have been given my life back again. I now have hope for a long healthy life. Thank you and God Bless, (989) 366-6326

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From: Bill Beedles

Title: PC Hope drops PSA from 180 to 12

I would like to thank Larry Pope for the support and advice given to mife wife on my behalf. I am 75 years of age and was diagnosed with prostate cancer five years ago. I was treated with hormone therpay which ceased to be effective. I have recently undergone radiotherapy because my cancer had spread into the pelvic area and groin. Since taking PC Hope my PSA has gone down from 180 to 12. The docotrs at the hospital are puzzled at this result (we have told them about PC Hope) and have now asked for a blood chemistry reading, presumably to try to ascertain the reason for my suprising PSA result. I am continuing to take PC Hope and Larry has also advised Surcan, which I shall request with my next order. I cannot tell you how grateful my whole family and myself are to you for your wonderful product and such personal treatment and intrest in my case. God bless you all. Bill Beedles UK

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From: Bart Caso, Lake Worth, FL

Title: Great Results with Nutrition 2000 First Seven Days 67.3 to 10.5

Just wanted you to know the great results that I have had with your product in exactly seven days. It all started November 13, 2005 driving back from my mom's 80th birthday celebration in Greensboro, Georgia. By the time we got to the Florida line, I was stopping every 30 minutes to go to the bathroom. The next day, I went to my primary at which time they took a PSA test, did an ultrasound and sent me home with antibiotics(Cipro) for 10 days. On November 23rd I arrived at the doctors office again, this time I was not feeling much better and the doctor prescribed stronger antibiotics (Leviquin) for 10 more days. The burning sensation wasn't much better than the first time I went in. He also told me my PSA was 67.3, the highest he had ever seen anybody have. He then recommended I go to a Urologist and stated that I need radiation treatments started as quickly as possible. This scared the hell out of me and I couldn't sleep for the next three days. Not knowing what to do, I searched the internet for the next several weeks and came across your website. I had started taking 2 mil of liquid Saw Palmetto on my own twice daily and patiently waited for my package from Nutrition 2000 to arrive. I received my package of products from you and started on the Protocol on December 7, 2005 and had an appointment with my Urologist on December 8, 2005. The Urologist wanted me to have another PSA test taken since I did have an inflamed and enlarged prostate. I wanted to be on your program at least a week before I went back to see him, so I delayed my PSA exam until December 14, 2005. I followed the program strictly and only one day missed the Miracle Cleanse because I was experiencing such severe stomach cramps. I went back to the Urologist on Monday December 19, 2005 and he reported to me that my PSA was now 10.5. He suggested that I should have a biopsy done immediately, but I told him I wanted to wait 60 days because of the program I was on and he agreed after a much heated discussion to let me wait. He claimed prostate cancer is very fast growing and I disagreed. I had just finished readying SURVIVING PROSTATE CANCER WITHOUT SURGERY. Needless to say, I felt bad for all the other patients in his office who didn't know about this program. I am 55 years old, have had an angioplasty back in 2001 with the insertion of a stent in my left ventricle and now have an irregular heart beat. I also take Warfarin to thin my blood as well as blood pressure medicine. I added the herbal tea that you recommend around the 10th of December as an added precaution. I have an eight year old daughter and I want to be around for her graduation from College and later, Marriage.

Everyone who sees me now tells me I look so much better and my outlook on life since walking out of my Doctors Office on that 23rd day of November has changed 180 degrees. I thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with your products and I look forward to Stage II of the program. I want everyone to know that I was not diagnosed with Cancer since I did not have a biopsy done this time, just my PSA was so high that the Doctor assumed I had Cancer. I had given myself the HALO EFFECT. Tell someone they have Cancer and they get all the symptoms. It happens so frequently in this World we live in that everyone falls into the trap. So, I went for broke and ordered your complete program for men who are diagnosed with prostate Cancer.

Now I look forward to seeing the Urologist in 60 days and pray that my PSA is under 1.0. I now am more motivated than ever to stay on the program. As an added benefit, I also lost 7 pounds in those 7 days. Despite feeling miserable, I never lost a day's work, I own and operate my own Mortgage Company and stay extremely busy. I look forward to reporting to you in 60 days my PSA score after I have been on the complete program.

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From: Bob Reynolds

Title: PSA Dropped from 6600 to 328 in 30 days.

Once I started with Nutrition 2000, my PSA was 6600. After being on the Prostate Cancer Protocol, my PSA went down to 328 in 30 days. After another 30 days, PSA dropped to 126. Looking to get it down to below 4. Doctors are absolutely amazed.

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From: Mike Blake

Title: PC Hope improves prostate victims lives.

It been just over a month now since I contacted Nutrition 2000 and I'm about back to normal with regards to my prostate function and chronic prostatitis. Upon receiving your products I immediately discontinued the antibiotics my urologist had me on. I can honestly say I have not felt this good for over a year.

This past Monday for a second opinion I saw a Dr. Alexander at the University of Maryland, Prostate Center, University Hospital, in Baltimore for a evaluation of my prostate health and after examining me he indicated my prostate was very small, was apparently non-tender, and normal. He too recommended I stay away from the antibiotics and that I continue with PC Hope. I just ordered two more bottles and I'm following up with Dr. Alexander in two months. BTW.. they had recommended Prosta Q, but when I tried that product, it had no effect on my condition. I told him he needed to further evaluate PC Hope and maybe even fund a study.

Thanks for all of your help and a great product.

Mike Blake

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From: Allen Higgins

Title: 75 year old man drops PSA from 27 to 4.5

I am 75 years of age, and in February 2005, I was diagnosed with cancer which had spread beyond the prostate. The result of the biopsy and blood test showed that the gleason count was 7 and the PSA was 27. On July 27, I started your nutritional 2000 program which I followed aggresively for 40 days. This included praise and prayer (the Bible says, Praise makes a way for God to work). On the 42nd day I went to my doctor and had blood tests done. My PSA reading was down to 4.5 and I am feeling so much better.

I thank the Lord for His goodness and you and those that are part of the Nutrition 2000 family. God bless you. Pastor Allen Higgins

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From: Louie, Biloxi, MS

Title: Improved Quailty of Life

On April 28th 2005 I had an executive profile done that changed my life. I am sixty and pride myself in working out at the gym 3 to 4 days a week. In fact I am a powerlifter whuch meanas I lift heavy but to no avail my Cholesterol 284 LDL'S 235 Blood pressure running consistantly 140/95 with medication PSA 4.5. I mention the gym work to make a point I THOUGHT I COULD EAT AND DRINK WHAT I WANTED WRONG. I met with my urologist who had been monitoring my PSA for the last two years. He immediatley did a sonogram followed by a biopsy. Prostate cancer was found he gave me my options-take it out or burn it (radiation) or seed implants and was rather pushy about it. I mentioned I had heard about a change in diet which he did not agree with. I started searching and by the grace of GOD I found Larry Pope and Nutrition 2000 after many calls and many questions I decided to do his program-with the new PC hope formulation-and started on June 3rd. I followed the program precisely. Let me say I was skeptical from the start in fact continued to research everything on prostate cancer while I did the program. During the 40 days I called every week with questioins and encouragment which to Larry and Jims credit I got wholeheartedly. On July 12th I retested the results were unbelievable. My PSA 2.2 Cholestrol 142 LDL'S 77 and within 15 days in the program I GOT off the blood pressure medication today it was 127/72. Had I decided to listen to my doctor I AM CONVINCED my quality of life would have went down. I am very attentive concerning alternative approaches to all health problems now. If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer do your research and do Nutrition 2000's program it will change your life it changed mine. I will be forever grateful to LARRY POPE for his genuine concern and guidance through one of my toughest challenges of my life.

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From: Savoula Amanatidis, Piscataway, NJ

Title: 72 year old drops PSA from 1.1 to 0.3

Dear staff at Nutrition 2000 it is my pleasure to provide a testimonial below for my father, Anastasios Amanatidis, who greatly benefited from the Nutrition2000 Prostate Protocol. With our deepest gratitude, Savoula Amanatidis and my father Anastasios Amanatidis.

I am writing for my father who had been suffering from prostate problems for 10 years, No medicine, or combination of medicines, or the two prostate surgeries he underwent ever alleviated any symptoms or cured him. In February 2002, at the age of 72, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent 3 months of radiation therapy treatments from March through May 2002. As a result, his PSA decreased to 0.3 by May 2003 but then it began to slowly rise. On September 10, 2003, His PSA was 0.6 by January 27, 2004 it was 0.7 and on June 17, 2004 it was 0.8 by Januray 4,2005 it was 1.1. Scince my father's PSA did not remain under 0.5 as hoped, the urologist said that the radiation therapy failed and that his PSA would continue to rise. It was too soon for hormone therapy, which the urologist explained is not a cure. I was determined to find a way to help my father. The Lord God answered my prayer when He directed me in my research to the Nutrition 2000 website. On January 13,2005 my father began the 40 day protocol under the guidence of Jim Dubose. On February 19, 2005, his PSA dropped to 0.3, and our happiness is indescribable. The urologist was astounded when he read the PSA report and is very enthusiastic with this treatment.

From the bottom of hearts, my father and I thank Jim for his kindness and generous help and also Nutrition 2000 for the life-saving treatment. We pray that God continue to greatly bless Jim and all the staff at Nutrition 2000 for thier wonderful work.

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From: Michael Bulavko, Walpole, MA

Title: An 84 yr old's Prostate Cancer History

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer about seven years ago and undergoing a series of radiation treatments I was left with a PSA of 4.0, which I was told was "good" for a person of my age. This held steady for approximately five years and then started to gradually climb to 6.6. At this point a consulting oncologist recommended castration as a viable choice. This was unacceptable so I referred to the internet to search for an alternative choice. Fortunately, I came upon Nutrition 2000 early in March. Following talks with Jim and Larry, I embarked on a program including diet, exercise, supplementation and lifestyle changes to achieve my goal. PC Hope was to be the mainstay. My goal was a 50 day involvement, culminating with a retest PSA on May 6. The fateful day showed success with a PSA of 0.6 and a free PSA of 0.1!!!! Needless to say I will continue with PC Hope in an effort for further reduction. My most fervent thanks Nutrition 2000, Jim and Larry and I endorse the procedures.

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From: Archie Crawford, Quebec, Canada

Title: PSA Dropped from 321 to 17 in just 47 days

At a PSA of 321, the cancer had spread to my bones (left hip bone and pubic bone) and my body was resisting the hormone treatment I had been getting. The doctors gave me 6 months to live provided I was treated with chemotherapy. It was then that I discovered Nutrition 2000 and PC Hope. Following the drop from 321 to 17, one month later my PSA was down to 6. I am sure that my next reading will be well under 4. A full body bone scan showed that the cancer in my bones had all but disappeared. My Urologist is amazed but still will not recognize the product as it is unproven in his mind. They do not seem to have heard of statistical proof where death due to prostate cancer was extremely rare for tens of thousand of men (one documented report stated 40,000 men) and everybody's condition improved. This last statement applied to PC Spes which I took for eight years before it was taken off the market - a criminal act. This was why my condition deteriorated. PC Hope is different from PC spes and has a greatly superior performance than any medical procedure where death is virtually inevitable within five to ten years or in many cases much less.

I am grateful to Larry Pope for his sound advice. Unlike with PC Spes you can discuss your condition and get first class advice from Larry. As I was in a bad way, I opted for the full protocol which, in addition to taking PC Hope, consisted of a complete 40 day detoxification and immune boosting program. As you see the results were dramatic.

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From: John Holtze, Rosemount, MN

Title: PSA Dropped from 3.3 to 1.1 in 60 days

In December of 2004, my PSA was 3.3. Based on my age (42) and family history, the doctor recommended a needle biopsy. The biopsy results showed that I had prostate cancer. I spoke with several doctors regarding treatment options and most recommended surgery.

As I learned more about the recommended surgical procedure, I began to wonder if there was an alternate form of treatment that would be less radical and invasive. I discovered Nutrition 2000's website and spoke with Larry Pope.

After 60 days on their prostate protocol, I am pleased to report that my PSA has dropped to 1.1. and my AMAS test results came back normal. I am truly grateful for the incredible results and wish to thank all of you at Nutrition 2000 for your program and for your continued support!

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From: James Williams, Elizabeth City, NC

Title: Today I am Cancer free.

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." This adage amounts of words of wisdom in a world where every day one observes men whose motivation is only ever financial gain and where we are conditioned to accept the status quo. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December of 2004. A friend who is a naturopathic physician advised me not to have surgery before investigating alternative treatments. After briefly researching the matter, my wife and I concluded that we could not allow conventional treatments until I gave a safe, nutritional approach a chance. It sounded too good to be true, but I could not ignore what I was reading and hearing. In March of 2005 I was tested, with the encouragement of our family doctor, and today I am cancer free.

I am fifty-three years old and probably healthier than I have ever been. The future is bright with hope. Every man should know that with God's help and withe the support of a small circle of loved ones, prostate cancer can be cured. Thank you Nutrition 2000.

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