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From: Arnold Gosser, Wakeeney, KS

Title: 1200 to 0.3

On July 30, 2001 Eileen Gosser called on a referral from her sister in Minnesota; the sister had gotten our 800 # from a friend who had dealt effectively with cancer using nutrition and natural things. Eileen's sister had kept the phone number on her refrigerator more than one year.

Eileens husband, Arnold, had just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer July 26 with a PSA of over 1200 and spread into the bone in his back with severe pain. Arnold and Eileen made an immediate decision not to do any of the suggested medical modalities, but to seek ways of dealing with the prostate cancer naturally.

"I was able to stop the pain medication on Friday after we got the first shipment of the complete package, but I still had constant tightness in my back; but I was moving OK, so I could live with that".

We went back to the Doctor on August 16, less than two weeks after I started, and the PSA had dropped from over 1200 to 165; All the Doctor could say was,"your sure making me look good"; "I don't think you realized how sick you were".

On 08/25/2001 Eileen reported Arnold continues to improve; walking one mile; back still tight; weight stabalized @ 189. "Our entire church was shouting and praising God when Arnold gave his testimony Sunday and told about his Miraculous Turn Around"

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From: Arnold Gosser, Wakeeney, KS

Title: (Arnold) UPDATE

New PSA test was 2.48. Arnold is spending 2 1/2 to 3 hours under the Umbrella every day. He is out walking 1 1/2 miles daily and feeling great.

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From: Arnold Gosser, Wakeeney, KS

Title: (Arnold) UPDATE

We just got the results of Arnolds latest PSA Test and it was 0.3. Arnold thinks the Umbrella is doing a lot of it. He never misses a day under the Umbrella.

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From: J. Doyle, Eminence, MO

Title: Sleeping Through the Night

I have almost completed my second bottle of PC Spes and just ordered three more from you this afternoon.

After three days on PC Spes my lower back pain was completely gone. I previously had experienced such uncomfortable pain, that I couldn't sleep without using ice packs. Also, when I traveled an hour or more I would have to get out and walk around a couple of times.

At night I was waking up 4-5 times with the need to urinate and the pain disturbed me enough it was difficult to return to sleep. Within seven days after starting PC Spes I started sleeping through the entire night. Only twice within this past week I had to get up to urinate and then only one time. Also, my urine stream has nearly returned to normal strength.

My energy level has increased remarkably and I am now walking 45 minutes to an hour on most days. I've recently noticed that lower abdominal bloating or swelling has been corrected, and my color has been very healthy.

Also, my sex life has increased. I don't remember it being this good before. That's probably due in part to being nearly 62.

There have not been, as yet, any side effects I have noticed. I am anxious to get another PSA. It was nearly 15 before the biopsy, which was taken on October 22nd. I was afterwards informed I had prostate cancer with a Gleason scale reading of 7, but bone scan was negative, and was advised to have surgery. I have decieded to go the herbal route and wait and see. I am also trusting the Lord for His healing. PC Spes apparently is the answer I was seeking.

Other things I am taking are Grapefruit extract, tinctures, Essiac Tea (brewed, 2 oz three times daily).

God bless you and your efforts. May you prosper in every way for what you are doing to assist others.

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From: Janet Cash, Gaffney, SC

Title: 50 to 2

I wanted to let you know that my father went back to the doctor last week and got a good report. His PSA level had dropped from 50 to 5 which the doctor was really thrilled about. He shared that he would like to get his level to a 4. My dad was taking 9 PC-Spes capsules a day and then he went to 6 and now he is taking 4 a day. Any thoughts or ideas on how he can continue to move his level on down? Do you think that he needs to up his dosage of PC Spes.


My dad's PSA was down to 2 at his visit to the MD's office last week. I could not believe it!!! It will be a year in August when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had a PSA greater than 50 at that time. Through the wondrous acts of God, he is seeing us through this! Thanks for all your help and assistance.

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From: Paul R


Prostate removed for localized cancer in 2/88. Disease reoccurred in '99 with metastasis to a spot on two ribs and extreme upper part of hip. No pain and no conventional treatment recommended yet. Have taken PC SPES for about seven months now and also have used up two bottles each of PR Life and Metalmint. Presently out of these two. My PSA is down from 33.6 to just over l5. My MD and I are encouraged and I would like your advice concerning the minimal and most essential products of yours that I should use. I must be as cost conscious as possible . Was encouraged by your Prostate Cancer Club and if there is something more I need to do to be included as a member, please let me know. Thank you for your past and present help.

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From: Diane, Philadelphia, PA

Title: Lower PSA Numbers

When we spoke last month you asked how my father (84 years old) was doing on your cancer fighting program with PC-Spes and I said I would send in a testimonial.

Fifteen years ago, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer with a PSA reading of 84. He was radiated and for several years his readings were 0.2 - 0.4. Two and one-half years ago, his PSA blood reading started to climb (PSA reading of 34) and it was suggested that he undergo hormone therapy. That worked well until November, 2000 when he learned that his PSA reading was elevated again and climbing at a rate of 10 points every two week. These hormone (Zolodex) injections were no longer working. He wasn't given much hope of controlling the situation and was advised to see an Oncologist who, in turn, said that chemotherapy was his only option when it became necessary.

I researched alternative methods of treatment and was referred to you by a friend. Last February I started my father on your cleansing program for cancer (Metalmint, Noni Juice, Nutrition 2000 Herbal Tea, PC Spes (3 tablets daily), as well as other products you recommended). After two months, he continued on the PC Spes (3 tablets daily) and the Nutrition 2000 Herbal Tea. His PSA readings dropped steadily and, at the end of three months, his PSA reading was 0.4 and has remained at that level. His Urologist and Oncologist remain baffled, but very pleased. He is now taking 1 PC Spes tablet a day coupled with two doses of PR Life. He feels wonderful and he and our family are delighted with the results.

There is no other explanation for this dramatic drop in his PSA level except the PC Spes coupled with your recommendations for products to cleanse his system. His PSA level has remained steady at 0.4. His is truly a success story and I hope that this information may help others who are in need.

"I have decided to forget about clinical trials and continue with the natural way. "

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From: Gordon, Anchorage, Alaska

Title: 86 to 17

I wish to be part of the Prostate Cancer Club.

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer May 2000. My PSA was 6 and with biopsy I had cancer in both sides of the prostate. I was given zoladex, a hormone therapy, to reduce the tumor and testosterone. My PSA continued to climb and the cancer metastasized into the left hip and rib tips which is where I am today. I started on your cancer protocol mid 2001 along with a 40 day supply of the drug casodex. My PSA went from 86 to 17 during this time and I felt good.

My oncologist started me on Atrasentan, an investigational drug. This drug is supposed to attack the blood source of the cancer tumors thus killing any new growth. During this clinical trial I decided not to continue with PC SPES as I didn?t want to have anything affect this drug. Well it failed for me and I was taken off this drug October 1, 2001. My PSA had risen to 137 and I need a walker to get around.

I have decided to forget about clinical trials and continue with the natural way. As of yesterday, November 21, 2001 my PSA was back down to 89. I have been taking the PC SPES, Noni, Herbal Tea Candimint and Metalmint and PR Life. I need to order more products and hope I can get the Club Member price.

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From: None Provided

Title: Robert Williams dropped from a PSA of 125 to 5.8 with his first bottle of PC Hope

Robert Williams dropped from a PSA of 125 to 5.8 with his first bottle of PC Hope

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Hal Towers reported a PSA drop from 79 to 31.8 in three weeks on the PC Hope program.

Don Riley had his PSA drop from 9.6 to 1.2 in a few weeks.

Bob Garlic had his psa drop from 5.4 to 1.6 (first month on PC Hope)

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