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From: RJ in Arizona

Title: PSA dropped from 3.9 to .9 in 59 days

I started on the Nutrition 2000 Protocol back in late 2007 as a result of being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Within a few short weeks my PSA went from 721 down to 0.4. As you can imagine I was very happy. I am now continuing on the maintenance products and hope to continue with a very low PSA. Thank God I found Nutrition 2000.

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From: Lanny M.

Title: PSA dropped from 4.62 to .95 in 30 days and then to .35

My name is Lanny M and I started on the Complete Prostate Cancer Protocol on Oct 29, 2997 after a biopsy resulting in a Gleason score of 8. I thank God that I found the Nutrition 2000 website and all the information available to me there. I followed the Protocol to the best of my ability with detox baths, fresh juices and the recommended dietary changes. I am happy to report that after the first 30 odd days my PSA had droped from 4.62 at biopsy to .95. My Doctor was pleasantly surprised and my wife was totally relieved. She didn't have the faith that I did and this was a finally some evidence that she could see.

My next PSA was done about two weeks ago and I got the results just yesterday Jan 23, 2008, my PSA was down to .35. This time my Doctor was really impressed and said "Whatever you're doing is working so keep it up" and my wife was ecstatic. I am so grateful to have found this option and even though I was somewhat skeptical in the beginning, I am now very confident that I am on the right path to a possible "cure". I have learned a lot from this experience and have taken the challenge and made it into an opportunity to grow and develop my inner self. The way I see it, worst case scenario, my cancer has stopped growing and is dormant, I will continue for several more months and then will order the AMAS blood test.

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From: Richard D.

Title: PSA went from 12.2 to 1.58

My PSA Aug 2007 was 12.2; Sept 2007 was 9.7 and Nov 2007 was 10.2. Early Dec 2007 went on PC Hope, Cell Advance, Silver and prescription antibiotic. I had done the AMAS test and HCG test and both were normal. Took PSA early Jan 2008 and result was 1.58. My doctor was quite surprised and I was overjoyed. I will retest in 6 months. Thank you for your help and support.

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From: S. Harding

Title: PSA dropped from 3.9 to .9 in 59 days

PSA has been going up. Was referred to urologist on Aug 6, 2007 because PSA was 5.3. Doctor did a free PSA test and wanted it to be above 25% however it was 14%. Doctor said that I had 1 in 3 chance of Prostate Cancer existing. I am quite resistant to having a Biopsy so I asked the Doctor if he would wait on the next step until I tried another alternative product for a month or so. I ordered Nutrition 2000's Prostate Protocol and took it for about 5 weeks. Had another PSA done on Nov 2, 2007 and my total PSA was down to 2.0, the Free PSA was upt to 30% (over 25%). I nearly had a "Praise the Lord Tantrum" in the Doctors exam room and told the Doctor what I felt. It was OK because he is a serious Christian I'm sure. I am so blessed and thankful to have been somehow led to connect with this Company.

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From: A.M. in Headsburt, CA

Title: PSA has leveled off

It has been 8 years since I received radiation for Prostate Cancer. The PSA has been slowly going up since then. After taking PC Hope and ESP it has leveled off at 2.2. I recently started taking Prostate Support. My next PSA test is in 6 months. I would hightly recommend Nutrition 2000's products.

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From: M. Bernard

Title: PSA went from 5.90 to 2.50

After not getting a PSA test for nearly three years, I finally decided to get it done. To my dismay it jumped from from 3.90 to 5.80. I then made an appointment with a Urologist and got tested once again. It came back 5.90, which confirmed my jump. I was told to get a biopsy, which came back positive. My Gleason score was 6, early stage canceer. My Urologist was explaining my options, all of which were very evasive precedures. I decided to scan the internet for an alternative treatment, and found Nutrition 2000 very intriging. I decided to purchase all of the necessary products. On September 12th I had another PSA test, and only hours ago received the wonderful results. My PSA was reduced to 2.50. I want everyone out there to know that this really does, work, and you should not be afraid to try it. Once you begin this program, you will also need to change your eating habits drastically. I did and I feel great eating foods that give me energy and build up my entire immune system. If anyone would like to contact me in regards to this product, please feel free to call me at 718 849 4556.

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From: Steven King, MD

Title: PSA dropped from 3.9 to .9 in 59 days

Diagnosed with Gleason 7 - went on Prostate Cancer Protocol and after 59 days PSA went from 3.9 to .9. The Prostate Cancer Protocol works!

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From: M.B. in Reeds Spring, MO

Title: PSA dropped from 6.8 to 0.07 in 32 days

PSA was 6.8 after 32 days on your PC Hope, ESP, GFM and Prostate Support, my PSA is now 0.07. I would say that these products work very very well.

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From: F.M. in Austin, TX

Title: PSA dropped from 4.6 to 1.2 in 34 days

My PSA was 4.6 and is now 1.2 after 34 days of being on your products. I am very happy and will continue taking them. I will get new PSA in 30 more days.

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From: F.A. in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Title: PSA dropped from 108 to 17 in 15 days

My PSA was 108 and after 15 days on your products my PSA dropped to 17. Will continue on products and get new PSA in 30 days. I am very pleased.

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From: D. Lane in Las Vegas, NV

Title: Basil Cell Carcinoma Disappeared

I am pleased to report to you, that your recommendation with regards to my basil cell carcinoma, (skin cancer), which was diagnosed August 8, 2007, after a biopsy. A scheduled surgery on August 24, 2007, did not occur because the doctor could not find any mark, or areas of concern from where the mole was removed. On August 10, 2007, we spoke of my concern. We decided to us the product called Skin Support. We agreed that using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide to the wound would be best. However I found that by taking a bandage and applying neosporin to the gauze, I then pour the powder from the capsule on the pad and apply it directly to the wound. I did this 24/7 for 10 days.

Before the doctor had looked at the area to be removed, he clearly said, " I am sorry I have to do this to you". Well he did not have to say anything to me, except to say goodbye for a year.

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From: Steve King in Stevensville , MD

Title: PSA dropped from 3.9 to 0.9 in 46 days

I'm 51, 6'tall 180lbs and had my routine physical in June 2007. My PSA came back at 3.9 and my doctor referred me to a Urologist. Had biopsy that came back with a gleason of 8 (4+4) on the left and 6 (3+3) on the right. My Urologist recommended I have a prostectomy however I found Nutrition 2000. Started on various products beginning July 11. My PSA results as of August 27, 2007 was down to 0.9. Thank God for Nutrition 2000. If anyone of your clients would like to contact me please have them call (410) 604 2861 (EST).

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From: RA in Weidman, MI

Title: PSA dropped from 6 to 2.5 in 34 days

My PSA was 6.0 and after 34 days on your products, my PSA is now 2.5. I will get a new PSA reading in 90 days and will update my testimony.

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From: A Conner in NY

Title: PSA dropped from 900 to 58 in 6 weeks

My PSA within six (6) weeks dropped from 900 to 58. I will continue on products and get new PSA after 30 days. I can only say your products work.

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From: Dennis Hoppe in Phoenix, AZ

Title: PSA dropped from 6.5 to .7 in 47 days for an 89.2 percent drop

I started the program on June 14, 2007. About 3 weeks previous, I got the results from my Urologist stating that my Prostate Biopsy indicated that I had Prostate Cancer in 5 percent of my Prostate Gland. The Gleason score was 6 The Urologist recommended that I start on a testosterone reducing program using the drugs Lupron and Casodex to shrink my Prostate, with a series of Radiation treatments to kill the cancer to follow. After doing some research on these methods to treat Prostate Cancer I determined that I wanted nothing to do with these forms of treatment and drugs that my Urologist recommended. The drugs that he recommended cause a loss of about 10 percent of bone mass in about a year’s time. After looking online for alternative cancer treatments I found Nutrition 2000. I had previously read all the testimonials and I was convinced that this was the treatment for me. Before I received the products I took a series of baths using Epson Salts, Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda to help detoxify my body. I did the baths once a day for 10 days as recommended. I have also started on a program to raise the Ph level in my body to a more alkaline level by eating foods that are more alkaline. My Ph is now around 7.4 after testing my saliva with Ph test strips every day.

Other benefits that I have noticed are that my blood pressure is now 114 over 67, which is about a 15 to 20 percent improvement since I started the program. My resting pulse rate is now in the low to middle 50's as compared to 60 before. A dull but continuous pain in my rectum, near the Prostate Gland, completely disappeared about 4 days after using the products. I have also lost about 7 pounds during this period and generally have more energy.

I am now using a reduced amount of the products including PC Hope and ESP because of the good results of the larger amounts and I am now in addition taking the product Surcan to help maximize the results. About a month after using Surcan I will have another PSA taken to see how much my PSA has diminished since the first test. So far, I am completely satisfied and will continue on the maintenance products at the proper time. I will also, at the proper time, have an AMAS test which is a highly accurate test to determine if any cancer cells remain in my body.

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