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From: John Clemenson, West Bank, Canada

Title: PSA Dropped to .025

If you remember, we had a chat in early Jan 2005 regarding a problem with prostate cancer. I had been on hormone treatments for about a year but found it difficult to deal with side effects. You suggested at that time I take PC Hope until I had my next PSA reading that was March 3rd 2005 as you said I might get a pleasant suprise my PSA was down to a level of 0.025. You were right Jim, no more hormone treatments so will stay on the PC Hope as you suggested.

I want to thank you Jim and Larry for all you have done for me with your wonderful products, which I sure will recommend to anyone else with prostate problems.

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From: Gary Stevens, Locust Grove, VA

Title: PSA Dropped from 7.1 to 2.4

Well, here is another success story for you. I had my PSA test today (03/02/05) and it was 2.4, down from 7.1 a little over two months. I have been on the protocol for 47 days. Now I call that impressive!

In typical fashion, the doctor downplayed the result, saying that he was surprised that I had chosen the hormone route instead of a complete cure of the prostate cancer. He said that he could give me hormones which would lower my PSA to 0 (zero) if I wanted them. I told him that I appreciated his input, but that all of his modalities (cut, poison, burn) would remove my prostate and/or lead to serious side effects. I would prefer to keep my own brief discussion about his latest modality - cyroablation - which he had first mentioned during my last appointment. I mentioned my own research into HIFU - high intensity focused ultrasound - but the doctor did not seem to know much about this.

Keep up the good work!

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From: Shirley Gryschuk, Richmond, British Columbia

Title: PSA Dropped from 18.30 to .74 in 36 Days

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2002 and elected not to undergo the suggested radiation treatment prescribed by my oncologist. Rather than subject myself to 33 radiation treatments, I decided to pursue natural treatment options. Unfortunately, I did not experience any sucess with these treatments and my PSA levels continued to increase. Using the internet for more information, I found Nutrition 2000. After reading and researching the prostate protocol, I decided to order the information and products. Prior to beginning the protocol, I had my PSA level measured and recorded by my family doctor. The level at the start of the protocol in January 2005 was 18.30. On my 36th day of the protocol my PSA was measured again and the number recorded was 0.74. Thank you Nutrition 2000 and to God who directed me to this website. My results have amazed my doctor and encouraged me to share my success with you.

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From: Carl Howerton, Castaicl, CA

Title: PSA Dropped from 26 to .55 in 40 Days

I had no symptoms, just a routine blood test which revealed that my psa was 22.5. I was sent to a urologist who tested me again, psa 26, next a biopsy, 8 samples, all positive for cancer and a ct scan. It spread to lymph glands just outside of the prostate. Well this made me feel kinda panicky. My doctor wanted to start me on hormone therapy. I asked him, if I waited 30 or 60 days would that be life threatening or affect his treatments. He said no, not at all. I told him I wanted to hold off and read up on this and get educated so I would be able to make an informed decision on my health care alternatives. He said, no problem but warned me to beware of charlatans. So I went on the internet and found you and did the protocol for 40 days as you suggested, after all it wasn't life threatening, and a money back offer. So after 40 days I went back for a new blood test and my doctor said my results were so low he was suspicious of the test. I told him, it's suppose to be low. He asked me if I had been doing some sort of therapy. I said yes. He said I'd like to know what you are doing. I said I don't think you really do. He asked, you think I won't approve? I said yes, something like that. He asked why. I said they don't teach you this stuff in medical school anyway. He said well I can't comment, but it appears that it is working so keep doing it and we will retest your blood and do another scan in two months to make sure it is going away. I said OK, no problem. I asked him what my psa was, he said .55. He said he had never seen anything like it. I was floored. I was hopeful that it would be down, maybe 10 or 5 but .55...holy cow....I can't thank you enough for your assistance. It's like getting a second chance. I have always believed that the big drug companies are like drug dealers, they only give you what they want to drag it out to get the most money from you, if you die they don't care. Thank God that there are people like you and Larry who are devoting their time to help other people.

P.S. I have a few friends who said, What...are you Nuts...your going to trust your life to a couple of guys in Alabama who probably are working out of a garage?? I said, well....yeah...just be patient, you'll see. I have good instincts.

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From: J. Thomas, Maryland

Title: PSA dropped from 6 to .2

My radical protatectomy was done May 1996. My PSA was 1.4 Gleason was 7. My PSA dropped to less than .1 and for appox. 2 years it remained such. I was given 36 radiation treatments after my PSA started to rise and it dropped to less than .1 again. During the fall of 2003, my PSA went up to 6.0. My doctor stated that if it goes any higher I would have to go on homonal treatments. Thankfully soon after that I found the Nutrition 2000 web site. I talked with Larry Pope and started various supplements, the big gun was PC hope. My PSA dropped from 6.0 to 1.0 ( 5 months ) from 1.0 to .2 ( 5 months ). I backed off on the amounts of supplements and my PSA went up to 1.9 ( 6 months ). I have increased my supplements and will see how my PSA is doing in July 2005. I will update you at that time. I want to thank Larry Pope for his support and help for Nutrition 2000 for being there. God Bless

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From: John Pearson, Cloverdale, CA

Title: PSA dropped from 14.1 to 1.44, AMAS test indicated normal range

I may be a little different than most . I am 42 with no symptoms,normal DRE and a long distance runner. On August 31,2004 my doctor requested something new with my annual physical and cholesterol test, a PSA test.My PSA came back 15.98 and a PSA II of 7 percent .My doctor referred me to a urologist. Again, I retook the PSA II on 09-21-2004 to rule out a non cancerous PSA spike---It came back at 14.1 and 7.1 percent--PSA II.Of course he wanted to Biopsy, but I began my alternative cure.I had been speaking with Larry at Nutrition 2000 since 09-1-2004 as well as calling the testimonials. One had died but the living ones said Nutrition 2000 was the real deal. As I am a skeptic, I set up a base line before beginning the Protocol. I took the AMAS test on 09-26-2004 and received a "Borderline Result" S-tag(232),F-tag(132),Net-tag(100).

I began the Nutrition 2000 Protocol on Oct 12, 2004 and followed it exactly. After the first 30 days (11/15/2004) my PSA II was down to 7.02 and 9 percent. Not perfect but at least heading in the right direction. My new Amas test results on 11/18/2004 was in the "normal range" but not perfect. As I was scheduled for an ultrasound with UCSF Urologic/Oncology dept. on 11/22/2004 I followed thru with it.The results were inconclusive but suspicious. I then called Larry and was placed on a reduced Protocol on 11/31/2004.I followed the protocol exactly and my new PSA II test on 12/23/2004 was down to 1.24 and 12 percent. Larry decided to place me on a maintenance program. As I was scheduled months ago for a Biopsy on 01/31/2005, my WIFE and I decided to go along and get a confirmation that the Protocol worked. I took my final labs on 1/24/2005 with a PSA II of 1.44 and 14 percent. My AMAS on 01/26/2005 remained in the Normal range with even lower numbers (almost perfect)S-tag(135),Ftag(105) and net-tag(30).I took the Biopsy on 1/31/2005 with 15 samples taken. ALL SECTIONS CAME OUT BENIGN. I have continued the maintenance program , diet and prayers. I am very thankful that God has blessed our family. I would gladly share my experiences with anyone.

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From: Ron Gill, Brandon, FL

Title: PSA dropped from 6.5 to 1.2, free PSA increased from 9 percent to 16.7 percent in 40 days!.

Went for an annual physical, fall 2004. PSA had jumped from 3.1 the previous year to 5.6. PCP referred me to a urologist who put me on antibiotics for 2 weeks and when my PSA was redone Nov 20. 2004, it had increased to 6.5 and my free PSA was 9 percent. Urologist did a biopsy Dec 2004 and gave me the results just before Christmas. It showed 3 of the 10 points positive for cancer. Fortunately I went away for a planned 2 week vacation and had a chance to begin searching the Internet for information and am thankful I found Nutrition 2000. Larry was very encouraging and helpful. I met with the urologist Jan 17. 2005, 1 week after I started the Nutrition 2000 prostate program. The urologist did not support what I was doing at all, but I continued and completed 40 days Feb 18 2005 and had my PSA redone. Feb 22 2005, I got the results and was excited and thankful to God and Nutrition 2000. PSA is now 1.2 and free PSA is 16.7 percent. I think the first PSA I ever had was about 2.0, so the current PSA is lower than about 10 years ago.

I am scheduled to see a doctor next week that supports the AMAS test and look forward to the results from that test.

UPDATE 04-10-05: After the successful results of reducing my PSA, Larry encouraged me to get the AMAS test done. The Doctor finally drew the blood on 03-28-05 and then met with me on 4-4-05 to go over the results. The normal range of the "net Tag" result goes up to 99. My "net Tag" result was 84, which means there is "no evidence of disease". I am so thankful to God and Nutrition 2000. Without Nutrition 2000, I was looking at either surgery or radiation, and both can have very undesirable side effects. So, I would encourage anyone who has prostate cancer to try the natural method of Nutrition 2000 rather than submitting to surgery or radiation.

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From: Tom Estes, Horn Lake, MS

Title: PSA dropped from 7.7 to 2.8 in 40 days!.

I started the Prostate Protocol in Dec. 2004 and by the middle of Jan. 2005 my PSA was down in the normal range. I went from 7.7 to 2.8 in 40 days. Sometimes I had to take the Protocol at different times than recommended, but as long as I got all of it in a day I was fine I would recommend the Protocol to any one having a problem with his prostate. Thank God for Nutrition 2000 and keep up the good work.

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From: Thomas Huizinga, Ridgefield, CT

Title: PSA dropped from 85 to 7.3 in 47 days!.

In early Nov. 2004 my PSA was checked and found to be a count of 80. At the end of the month it was tested again and was 85. Started with Nutrition 2000 protocol early December and followed all recommendations faithfully. At about 47 days after starting my PSA was down to 7.3!

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From: Francis Charnock, Luckington, UK

Title: PSA dropped from 7.2 to 1.9.

A routine medical check-up in October 2004 revealed an elevated PSA of 7.2 and a biopsy showed onset of early stage prostate cancer. Each discussion with physician and urologist tended to urge early conventional treatment, but I baulked at the projected side effects, and for the first time embarked on a rapid learning process about the disease. That's when I found the Nutrition 2000 website. I was amazed by some of the testimonials, but naturally skeptical of their authenticity. Minded to track down some of those offering the testimonials, I slowly realized it wasn't impossible to fake these on such an elaborate scale, as it would have bee neasy to demolish the whole range by discovery of just one flawed testimony. So I decided to give the prostate protocol a try as I had time on my side, through very early diagnosis, to revert to conventional treatment

I have to say the six week program can be a chore, trying to fit all the products in their allotted time-frame into a pretty busy lifestyle, and more than once I wonderred whether part of the treatment lay in the discipline of ingesting substances of such nauseating flavours that the targetted tumour would give up on life just to gain a respite.

All that is now history. Early Febuary 2005, I was able to seek a new PSA, hoping it may have come down some, dare I say a lot. In the event I was amazed to find it back down to 1.9 where it had been 18 months ealier.

I am delighted.

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From: Floyd Parks, MD

Title: PSA dropped from 6 to 1.8 in 35 days.

I'm writing to report my success so far after 35 days on Nutrition 2000's Prostate Program. My story is as follows:

I'm 66 years old. I have gotten PSA tests with my regular medical checkups for years which always ran steadily about 4.0. Then, about 2 years ago at my physical, the PSA went to 19.0. I was immediately sent to a urologist who thought that infection was indicated because the rate jumped so high so fast. He gave me a course of Cypro. After 5 months, the PSA went down to 5.1. However, 6 months later it had jumped to 6.8. More Cypro did not bring it down below 6 (6.1). My urologist recommended a biopsy. It showed cancer present in two of the 12 probe needles, all on one side. The pathologist scored it a Gleason 6. No other envidence of cancer was found and I had no other symptoms. DRE was also negative. I was told I had various options, including prostate removal surgery, freezing, radiation, seed and/or "watchful waiting". I was not told of any program or dietary/lifestyle protocol such as the one at Nutrition 2000. However, I got books on the subject, including one called, "Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery", which mentioned PC Spes, herbal remedies and dietary regimens which had been practiced with great results. I also got on the Internet and researched "Prostate Cancer". Through this, I found Nutrition 2000's website and emailed for more information.

I was telephoned that same evening by Larry Pope who described the program and I elected to go on it for 30 days. It required numerous changes for me, but none were that onerous that I could not dovetail them into my schedule. I did adhear to the program both in doing and taking what was required at the times and in the amounts stated, and I followed strictly the dietary protocol. Meanwhile, I got a 2nd opinion from another urologist and pathologist which mirrored what the 1st one had told me (Except the 2nd pathologist put the Gleason score at 7).

After 35 days on the Protocol (I couldn't get the blood test sooner), my PSA was down to a remarkable 1.8. The Free PSA went up from the low teens to the high twenties. My cholesterol went down to 116 with the HDL at 38. This allowed me to discontinue my Lippitor. I am estatic!

I am now on the second 30 day period of the program, which is not as difficult as the first 30 days to follow. My family doctor says she wants a follow up PSA in 3 months. I am thankful that I found the Nutrition 2000 Protocol because I came very close to "biting the bullet" and scheduling major surgery which may not be necessary after all.

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From: Hank Tanner, Gainsville, GA

Title: AMAS test indicated NO MORE CANCER.

My family doctor had treated me for prostatitis for years. My PSA started rising in early 2004 and by September was 8.4. I went to a local urologist for a biopsy on September 30, 2004. On Oct 4, 2004, my urologist called to tell me that the results were in and could I come by that afternoon. All 5 biopsy needles on the left lobe showed 75 percent of the tissue cancerous and all 5 of the test scores for the right lobe were 80 percent cancerous. A Gleason Score of 7 (3+4), Stage T2b. As I found out the urologist wanted to operate as soon as possible. Naturally, I was stunned, shocked and quite frankly scared. My father had died from prostate cancer in 1979 at the age of 69. It had metastisized and he didn't last but about 7 months.

I began my research on the Internet, reading books and articles, including Dr. Patrick Walsh's book on "Surviving Prostate Cancer", which is one of the best books on dealing with prostate cancer. I called and talked with friends and strangers that had prostate cancer and had prostectomies, cryosurgery, radiation therapy in all forms, and hormonal therapy. I was scheduled for surgery in Atlanta, GA at Emory Hospital with one of the top surgeons in the country for December 20,2004. On December 13, 2004, the nurse called and said that my insurance compnay wasn't going to cover the surgery as they deemed it a pre-existing condition. I had just taken out this policy on April 1, 2004, having no idea that I had prostate cancer.

At that point I continued my research and, by luck or divine intervention, I came across Nutrition 2000's website. Larry Pope contacted me and at first I was skeptical. He gave me a list of men who were on the Nutrition 2000 Protocol and I called them all. Everyone had their own unique story but the results were the same. Depending on how long they had been on the program, their PSA was down and for those who had been through the initial 45 days, there was no sign of cancer. So I began on December 15, 2004 with Nutrition 2000's Protocol. It was amazing, the first night I got up one time to go to the bathroom. I had been getting up every hour and a half for months. The most I have gotten up is 2 times at night and that's when I drink liquids after 7:00 p.m. On December 14, 2004, I had another PSA to establish a starting point. The PSA was 7.48. On January 21, 2005, I had another PSA test. It was 0.5. The free PSA was 0.10 or 20 percentpercent. On February 14, 2005, I got the results of the AMAS test from Oncolab in Boston. The test measures the antibodies in your blood, the AMA or Anti-Malignin Antibody, which if elevated will give an indication if there is any cancer of any type active in your body. My results came back NORMAL.

As someone who has been through the lows of finding out you have cancer and talking with friends who have suffered from the results of surgery, impotence and incontinence, I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to use this Protocol. I only wish I had found it sooner and I would have had the results sooner. I am going to keep watch on my PSA and if for any reason I don't continue to get the results I have had and expect, I know what my alternatives are and will do whatever is necessary. In the meantime, it's great to be a healthy, happy 52 year old with a wonderful family and friends.

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From: J. Crisato, Burlington, CANADA

Title: PSA dropped from 10.8 to 0.1.

I want to tell you that I found your Program to be successful for me.

When I went for my annual physical and found out my PSA was 10.8, I was floored. Traditionally, my PSA has been 0.8. A second test found my PSA to be 4.5. I refused the suggestion of a biopsy and immediately went on your Protocol. After 40 days my PSA was 0.1. The doctor didn't even want to see me. An added bonus was that I lost about 6 pounds. I have since modified my lifestyle and eating habits as per you direction.

My friends find the results to be amazing and have difficulty believing it even though the proof is standing right in front of them.

I have passed your email address and phone number to my friends who could benefit from your Protocol. If anyone wants to speak with me, my office number is 416-203-6936.

I feel as if I have been given a new lease on life.

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From: J. Markoe, New York, NY

Title: PSA dropped a point a day from 24.6 to 3.2 in 25 days.

To anybody out there who is scared and confused like I was

I was feeling like Humpty Dumpty. Do you remember the nursery rhyme:"all the kings' horses and all the kings' men, couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again". That's how I felt...No matter what I did my PSA just kept going up. (Weeks of raw foods, wheat grass and sprouts, weeks at a Brazilian Miracle Healer, tried the Macrobiotic diet and Living Foods diet...using all kinds of supplements and more...but my PSA was steadily rising as if I was being stalked by the devil himself).

The Nutrition 2000 Protocol dropped my PSA by about a point a day from 24.6 to 3.2 in 25 days.

When I called today for my PSA test I was SURE it would still be higher because I was so used to being disappointed and scared every time I got a new PSA test. Today was maybe my 8th PSA in 10 months of being scared. When the secretary told me it was 3.2, my first reaction was "oh God it's 32". The secretary said no, it's 3.2 not 32...it's within normal range for your age. I asked her to check the name on the report to see if it was the right person....Yes she said it was me...Then I asked her to fax it to me so I could see it for myself and see that my name was on it. Yes it was!!

I took the PSA test after 25 days instead of after 30 to 40 days as the program suggests because I was too scared and impatient to wait to see if it was working.

I was crying tears of joy after so many months of trying one thing after another only to have my PSA keep going up. Not only did the Nutrition 2000 protocol bring it down, but it brought it down to 1/8 of what it was in just 25 days. That's a point a day! I think this is unheard of anywhere.

I only tried Nutrition 2000 this January even though I knew about it since April (I wish I had done it then). The reason I didn't do it in April was that I have a refrigerator and shelves full of EVERY kind of vitamin you could imagine and I was SURE that these Nutrition 2000 people couldn't sell me anything I didn't already have. Well I was wrong, their protocol is so creative and so original, it's unlike anything I hadd ever heard of and yet is seems as natural as if it came from God which I believe it did. Honestly, the only reason I tried it was because of the Money Back Guarantee if they did not lower my PSA in 40 days and also the fact that Larry offered me as many phone numbers as I wanted of other guys who were on the Protocol. After calling them and hearing their stories, I decided to try it because I had nothing to lose. Well I did lose......I lost my high PSA!!!

Thank God this natural program works so well, because as I'm sure you know, the alternatives are just plain Barbaric.

God bless Larry Pope and Nutrition 2000. They are truly a miracle from God. Oh yeah...one more thing. Larry actually TALKS to you for quite a long time and seems to care. NOT like most doctors I have met, who give only short answers and don't seem to care at all.

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From: B. Bivins, Riverdale, MD

Title: PC Hope.....Better Quality of Life

My name is Brenda Bivins and my sister and I ordered PC Hope for my father. We started giving it to him on the way to the hospital. I brought my father to Maryland from Alabama when he finished his last chemo treatment which literally tore his body apart. He only had three chemo treatments and his PSA was still rising. By the time I arried in Alabama it was 950. By the time I got him here to John Hopkins Hospital, my father's PSA was a staggering 1,106. He was in terrible pain and he had started to hiccup constantly for hours at a time. He was very badly anemic and had to have two blood transfusions when he got here. He was hospitalized twice. The doctors put him on Thorazine to stop the hiccups but they continued for several days. They became so loud until other patients in the hospital could hear him from their rooms. We tried everything. They just would not stop.

We continued to give him the PC Hope even while he was hiccuping. I must admit there were a few days I wasn't able to give him the suggested dosage and I think we even missed one day because of tests. The doctor told me that my father was dying. I just kept on praying and giving him the PC Hope. He stopped eating completely and started dropping weight drastically. They told us he had a tumor on his kidney and one on his stomach as well. The cancer had already spread to his bones. The pain was terrible and you could see it on his face. I kept on praying and kept on giving him the PC hope as much as I could every day that I could. It didn't look good. They told me that they were releasing him from the hospital to a nursing home to strengthen his legs as they had become weak and to give him IV therapy for an infection they found. We had asked that they do everything possible to help him.

To make a long story short. The first nursing home experience was a disaster. All they wanted to do was dope him up so that they didn't have to be bothered. But I stopped the pain medicine all together and he stopped hiccupping. He was on two duragesic patches, and two Percasets every four hours. He has not had any pain medicine in four days and has not complained of being in pain. He is now eating. His appetite has increased. He is now alert and today, he walked to the bathroom (still a bit weak) on his own. Before his urine could knock out a cow, it smelled so strong. It no longer smells bad. His skin color has come back. He is awake more and he smiles and talks to us.

I don't knoww if PC Hope works on tumors located on other parts of the body but I believe it does. I also ordered some other products from Nutrition 2000 as well. Although he has not had the PSA retested yet, I believe that God has answered prayers via PC Hope. I believe that my Dad will be able to live a better quality of life and that he will live longer as a result of it. He is determined. I believe that this experience has humbled him greatly. I know that it has made me realize just how important my parents are to me.

I thank you so much for your attentiveness and for PC Hope and the other products as well.

I'll keep you abreast of everything and if you have any more suggestions my family and I welcome them. It's sad that PC Hope is not known to many other men who suffer from cancer.

May God always bless you!

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