Hippocrates Oath: "First Do No Harm" (e.g. surgery, radiation, hormone therapy, and even most pharmaceuticals can have devastating side effects).

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Nutrition2000 Products - Concentrates - Life Support
Other Product Categories: Concentrates :: Mineral Waters :: Tea :: Coffee :: Supplements :: Herbal
Life Support BulletLife Support (2 lbs)
Life Support contains essential fatty acids that support learning behavior by optimizing brain, eye and nerve function. Tuna Oil, rich in DNA and AA, improves attention span and memory. Evening Primrose Oil is highly concentrated in GLA and Cis-Linoleic Acid. Life Support is ideal for the healthy development for children as well as adults who want to enhance their mental focus safely and naturally.
Life Support - 32 oz ($34.95)
Other Product Categories: Concentrates :: Mineral Waters :: Tea :: Coffee :: Supplements :: Herbal
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