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Nutrition2000 - Rene Caisse & ESSIAC Herbal Tea

Rene M. Caisse, R.N.

" ...He took his cane and lifted a weed and told me, ‘if people would use this weed there would be little or no cancer in the world.’ "

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Rene Caisse

The Story of ESSIAC
by Rene M. Caisse, RN (Excerpts)

In the mid-twenties, I was head nurse at the sisters of Providence Hospital in a northern Ontario town. One day a nurse was bathing an elderly lady. I noticed one breast was a mass of scar tissue and asked about it. "I came from England nearly 30 years ago," she told me. "I joined my husband prospecting in the wilds of Northern Ontario. My right breast became sore and swollen and painful. My husband brought me to Toronto and the doctors said I had advanced cancer and my breast must be removed at once."

"Before we left camp an old Indian medicine man told me I had cancer but he could cure it. I decided I'd just as soon try his remedy as to have my breast removed. One of my friends had died from breast surgery. Besides, we had no money." They returned to the mining camp and the old Indian showed her certain herbs growing in the area, told her to make a tea from them and to drink it every day. She was nearly 80 years old when I saw her and there had been no recurrence of cancer. I was interested and wrote down the names of the herbs. I knew doctors threw up their hands when cancer was discovered in a patient; it was the same as a death sentence. I decided if I should ever develop cancer I would use this herb tea.

A year later I was visiting a retired doctor whom I knew well. We were walking slowly about his garden when he took his cane and lifted a weed and told me, "if people would use this weed there would be little or no cancer in the world". He told me the name of the plant. It was one of the herbs my patient had used to cure her cancer. A few months later I received word my mother's only sister had been operated on in Brockville, Ontario. The doctors found cancer of the stomach with a liver involvement and gave her six months to live. I asked her Doctor, R.O. Fisher of Toronto, whom I knew well, for permission to try the herbs under his observation. He consented. I obtained the herbs and made the tea. My aunt lived 21 years after being given up by the medical profession. There was no recurrence of cancer. Dr. Fisher and other doctors asked me to use ESSIAC on other hopeless patients. We treated an old man whose face was eaten away and was bleeding so badly the doctors didn't expect him to live more than 10 days. ESSIAC stopped the bleeding in less than 24 hours and the man's face healed. He lived for six months with very little discomfort.

I AM NOT A DOCTOR - I AM A NURSE I have never claimed ESSIAC cures cancer although many of my patients and doctors claim it is a cure. My goal has been control of cancer and alleviation of pain. Cancer patients were successfully treated for over 25 years using ESSIAC . Since I am a nurse, not a physician, I never gave the treatment until I had a written diagnosis of cancer signed by a doctor. I gave my treatment with doctor observation whenever possible.


Dr. Albert Bastedo of Bracebridge arranged with the Mayor and Town Council for me to rent the old British Lion Hotel to use as a cancer clinic. From 1934 to 1942 I treated thousands of patients who came from far and near, most of them given up as hopeless. Some arrived in ambulances and received their first treatments lying down in an ambulance; after a few treatments they walked into the clinic without help. I had absolute faith I could accumulate enough results with different types of cancer, as demanded by the Cancer Society, to bring acceptance of ESSIAC by the medical profession. I did not know of an organized effort to keep a cancer cure from being discovered, especially by an independent researcher.


After I opened my Cancer Clinic in Bracebridge my mother became ill. Four doctors said she had gallstones and her heart was too weak for surgery. Mother was 72. As she got worse I insisted on calling in Dr. Roscoe Graham, a consulting specialist of international fame, for an examination. After consultation Dr. Graham came to me and said, "Your mother has cancer. Her liver is a nodular mass." He thought she would live only a matter of days. I immediately started ESSIAC treatments. Mother recovered and lived free from cancer, just a tired heart. Her extra 18 years repaid me for all the persecution I have endured at the hands of the medical world.


Doctors at Northwestern University became interested in ESSIAC. At their invitation I arranged to be in Chicago once a week to treat a group of terminal cancer patients. When asked why I agreed: "I will show results that will surprise your doctors even in these late stages of the disease. The results will be enough to interest the most skeptical doctors." I was proved right. They offered to open a clinic for me in the Passervant Hospital in Chicago if I would stay.

Dr. Richard Leonardo, a surgical specialist and coroner of Rochester, N.Y. came to observe, but scoffed at the idea of any merit in ESSIAC. The first day he talked with patients and stated, "these results are psychological". The second day I invited him to come into my treatment room, examine patients and watch me administer ESSIAC. We had many advanced cases and I did not finish until 7:30. "Young lady, I must congratulate you. You have made a wonderful discovery." After four days of examining patients and observing, he stated, "I like your method of treatment. I feel it will change the whole theory of cancer treatment and will eventually do away with surgery, radiation and x-ray treatments." I appreciated Dr. Leonardo's opinion because he was trained in Germany, Vienna, London and Scotland and had been so skeptical at first.


During the years I operated my Cancer Clinic in Bracebridge, many doctors, surgeons and scientists visited the clinic, read case histories, examined patients and watched me administer ESSIAC treatments. Many said they believed my treatment acted upon the glands of the body. This coincided with a statement made as early as 1926 by Dr. Frederick J. Banting when he reviewed my early work.

One of these cases, a middle aged woman, was a diabetic as well as a cancer victim. Dr. J.A. McInnis of Timmins, Ontario had asked me to treat her. I didn't want to give injections along with Insulin so Dr. McInnis discontinued the Insulin while I gave ESSIAC for a time. If the diabetic condition worsened he would go back to Insulin. To our surprise the diabetic condition improved with the ESSIAC and never returned. The cancer at first became larger and harder and almost caused an obstruction in the bowel. After a few treatments it softened and reduced until it disappeared. X-rays were taken during the treatment to see what was taking place. ESSIAC was discontinued after six months with no trace of either cancer or diabetes. Dr. Banting was impressed with the X-rays and case history. "ESSIAC actuates the pancreatic gland into normal functioning," he said. "Otherwise the patient would have to take ESSIAC for the rest of her life just as she would have had to take Insulin."

My conviction is cancer results from a glandular deficiency. ESSIAC, a combination of non-toxic herbs, supplies a deficiency of a secretion ordinarily supplied by a gland I call "Gland X". This gland should supply a secretion which is resistant to cancer tissue. Lack of this secretion allows malignant cancer cells to prey upon and invade healthy cells and take control. This deficiency cannot be supplied from the outside. It must be supplied through the blood stream. ESSIAC supplies this resistive element. The X gland starts functioning normally secreting into the body's living cells the substance required to resist the onslaught of the malignant cells and restore health to the body. ESSIAC is a blood purifier which stimulates the X gland to do its work in healthy people before malignant cells invade the body. It helped sufferers of malignant diseases for over 25 years; healing and sometimes curing when given before vital organs are destroyed. It renews the abnormal functioning of gland X. It sets up a resistance and cuts off the supply of the substance in the human body upon which malignant cells thrive and multiply. This causes the malignant cells to regress within themselves and gives the healthy cells strength to rebuild themselves/ I believe some people are born with a predisposition to cancer because of a non-functioning X gland.

ESSIAC acts on all the glands. It restores all glands to health and activity. I believe ESSIAC starts the chain reaction in the glandular system which connects and stimulates all glands into normal functioning. Various studies have been made which establish beyond all doubt persons diagnosed by reputable physicians as suffering from cancer but refuse treatment of all kinds live at least as long and often longer than patients receiving orthodox treatments considered permissible by the medical profession. I believe radiation drives cancer in and burns the surrounding tissue. I believe radiation used in heavy doses is a prolific cause of further cancer in the burnt tissues.

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