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Gold Frankincense and Myrrh




Gold Frankincense and Myrrh best known as the gift of the three wise men gave to baby Jesus. Well I donít think we had any idea how wise these three men really were. It is commonly thought that they didnít have anything better to do then roam around the desert chasing a star. The reality of these men was that they were denoted as being wise men and were financially well to do by the fact that they could afford gold, frankincense and myrrh. Each of them was as important men in their community likely with prosperous business that needed their attention. The miracle of faith was that these busy prosperous men believed in the prompting of an angel to follow a star and mind the messiah. Just think of it they left all they needed to follow a star to a point they didnít know where and a time they were unsure of. It was a pure act of great faith that they agreed together and followed Godís prompting.


The first fruit then we see as it is associated with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh is an act of faith. This gift was given by man to the son of God however; it is Godís prompting that brought this combination of substances to the light of man. Gold Frankincense and Myrrh is a gift from God to man. It is something that was given to man for the unlocking of the mystery for this day and time. It is in this day that man is faced with the plague of cancer and hormone imbalances that were not abundant in the time of Jesus. Cancer is a plague of modern man as well as hormone problems. That affect nearly every women and more men that anyone knows. This is the day for the revealing of Godís gift to man, the same gift man gave first to God. Isnít that always the way it works, when we give given back to us in abundance. To think of the multitude of lives that can be affected by the healing of disease by man first giving the same gift to God.


This is not the only reference to Frankincense and Myrrh in the Bible. In the Song of Solomon, ďA mountain of myrrh and a hill of frankincenseĒ ďMyrrh my well beloved shall lay all night betwixt my breast and in the morning darkness shall flee. We see relationship between the two herbal oils being sited again and again in the Bible. In addition we see the hormonal importance of myrrh as being an anti depressant and hormone balancing as it is applied to the breast and in the morning ďdarknessĒ (Depression, mood wings or even breast disease) fleeing. A properly formulated mountain of myrrh and a hill of frankincense are called for by the Bible as a topical formula. Recognizing this call from the Bible, I produced Solomonís Topical Formula and Gold Frankincense and Myrrh   


The most powerful example of faith and the result of healing were in the women with an issue of blood. The Bible says that the women went out telling everyone that is she would just touch the hem of his garment she would be healed. You see Jesus hadnít yet even come to the town yet but the women had heard that Jesus was coming and she was going about her daily business growing her faith. Every time she told someone that she would touch his garment and be healed she was building her faith. She had increased her faith so much, by the time Jesus got to the town, that before she had touched the hem of his garment it was already a done deal. Now she just had to carry it out. There is no evidence that we know this women was Christian, she was however a Jew and recognized that Jesus was t least a great profit and she knew he was sent from God. She touched the hem of his garment which was the strip pattern that signifies his priestly position. So she touched a material symbol of Godís gift to man. She knew him to be a great gift from God and reached out in faith. She had already been to see many doctors and spent much money and was no better. You see it doesnít matter that you have searched all out other doctors and not seen results; this is reaching out in faith that a gift that God had given man shall accomplish its appointed goal. Jesus turned to her and could have said many things. What he didnít say was, women because you are such a good person you are healed. He didnít say, women because you are pure before my eyes you are healed. He didnít say, women causes you are a great person in Christ with much position and favor with God you are healed. And he surly didnít say, woman because you have never sinned or your sins have never been that bad you are healed. He did say, women in your faith have made you whole.


So now we recognize Gold Frankincense and Myrrh as a gift of God left in the Bible for over 2000 years to be revealed to mankind at this appointed time. We know that there are remarkable properties that these substances have together that enable the mix of them in just the right proportions to adapt to the body to create balance or homeostasis. We know that the properties of the herbs enable it to cross cell membranes that most other substances cannot cross. Lastly, we know that these essential oils carry powerful anti tumoral properties in cells.


Like the women with an issue of blood, you too may have an issue of blood in another way, maybe an issue of diseased or toxic blood, like all herbs itís important to take them properly, in the right amount and for the appropriate length of time. Please consult a health professional for a complete plan for your health.

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