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AMAS® Test

  1. What does the AMAS Test measure?

    The AMAS Test measures serum levels of AMA (Anti-Malignin Antibody), an antibody found to be elevated in most patients with a wide range of active non-terminal malignancies.  AMA is the antibody to Malignin, a 10,000 Dalton polypeptide which has been found to be present in most malignant cells regardless of cell type or location. Unlike tests such as CEA, which measure less well-defined antigens whose serum levels tend to be inconstant but elevated late in the disease, the AMAS test measures a well-defined antibody whose serum levels rise early in the course of the disease. In some cases, the AMAS test has been positive (elevated) early, i.e. 1 to 19 months before clinical detection. On the other hand, since antibody failure often occurs late in malignancy, elevated antibody is then no longer available as evidence of the presence of antigen and therefore, late in the disease, the AMAS test cannot be used as a diagnostic aid, but may be useful for monitoring.

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  2. What benefit does the AMAS Test provide?

    A common clinical situation involves signs or symptoms suggesting a disorder which may or may not be malignant. While neither AMAS nor any other clinical laboratory test can by itself answer this question, AMAS® Test results may help the physician in the diagnostic process.

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  3. How do I get tested?

    Please ask your doctor. Physicians are recommending and administering the AMAS test on a regular basis for patients at high risk for cancer, and for follow-up purposes on patients already diagnosed and/or treated for cancer.

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  4. Is this covered by Medicare and insurers?

    The AMAS test is covered by standard Medicare reimbursement to Oncolab. For patients outside the USA, this test may be claimable through your private health insurance, but since this can change from country to country, and depend on your health care provider, we would recommend you do your own research. And make sure you have the support of your treating physician. Patient costs may also vary.

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  5. How do I find a lab or doctor in my area who is familiar with the test?

    Oncolab now has expanded nationwide directories of physicians who are familiar with the test, and laboratories with experience drawing and shipping samples for the test. For assistance locating a physician or lab in your area, please call the Oncolab at 800-922-8378, 9AM-5PM EST, Monday through Friday.

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