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From: Update on new client: 11/09/20

Title: Thank GOD I found you

Hi, this is CATHY , as you know I have had my leg amputated about six months ago because of a massive tumor and started on your products , my last pet scan a few days ago showed no cancer anywhere else, so I am doing well And have been on the protocol. Thank GOD I found you thru my husband who has been a prostate cancer client of yours for well over a decade with unbelievable success.

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From: Dawn H. Sworn

Title: This has to be a GOD thing

February 2013 I was diagnosed with Lung cancer that had metastasized to my brain stem. The oncologist gave me 4 to 6 mo to live. They said I needed surgery then I would need Chemo and more Radiation. In march 2013 I had my left lobe of my lung removed and had 2 rounds of Radiation on my brain stem. My Uncle told us about these people as he had been using Larry,s products for his prostate cancer for many years and we were so impressed with how well he had done. I was determined not to have any chemo or more radiation so we went with their products. their products have been amazing. I have not had any side effects from their products but I have had other issues from the radiation that they have helped me through. They are always there when we need them, even if we have questions. I have learned so much from these people and their staff. The Dr,s gave me a few months to live just before I started on their products in April 2013 and the Dr told me I would be dead soon if I did not continue the medical treatments. I cannot thank these people and their staff enough. With the Grace of God, My determination to live and their Products I would not be here today– (Thank GOD for you people). This has to be a GOD thing.

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Title: my psa result

Larry my psa result came in yesterday 7th/dec/2011 and it is 0.1. I intend to do it again in another hospital for double checking. I ran other tests too. I am still off all medications as you advised. I am still using the cod liver oil and the castor oil treatment. In fact, the first night I tried that castor oil treatment I had immediate relief in the pains I was having when urinating and the urgency in micturition stopped. I am feeling fine again. Please advice on further medication and the address to pay in the money. THANKS A LOT Larry. MAY God Bless You!!

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From: AKB Pillai

Title: My PSA

Dear Mr. Larry Pope (OR TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN),I am happy to let you know that the latest PSA test was .5, the lowest it has been for me in over 8 years, and my first completely normal reading. I am currently taking both creams in the evening, 7 days per week as you directed. should I continue this? thanks so much again, Dr. A.K.B. Pillai

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From: Fred in California


I have been using PC Spes and PC Hope since Nov 4, 1999. At that time it was recommended by Dr. Whitaker, an MD, in his regular monthly letter. I started with using 2 per day. My PSA then 10.4 and No biopsy was done. My psa dropped to 6.3, normal for my age.

On advise of my urologist I stopped taking it on Nov 6 2000. That was a mistake, 3 months later my PSA had jumped to 25.7! A biopsy was done, and an aggressive prostate cancer was confirmed a Gleason 10. On advise of my doctor, I had lupron shots followed by radiation for 8 weeks. My PSA went to 1.5. But some time later, my psa went to 3.6, and by 4/29/ 03, it was 4.6.

PC Spes was no longer available. On the internet I found it's successor, PCHope, from Larry Pope and started with taking the PSA went to 0.8!

Around August of 2008, Larry Pope added Cell Advance to the PC Hope. My PSA dropped to less than 0.05! I reduced the dose to 1 PCHope per day, and 1 Cell Advance every four days. I will be 83 years old next month, and PSA stays below 0.05. My oncologist tells me that my prostate gland is very small! No sign of cancer!

So PC HOPE worked for me, I certainly would advise you to try it! If your doctor is against it, I would ignore him. My oncologist never advised me against it! Although he is not allowed to recommend it. Listen to Larry Pope, he knows what he is doing.-- Good luck

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From: Joe


Hello: I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in december,2009. My PSA was 320 and my CAT scan showed a mass protruding into the seminal duct with activity in the lymph nodes. I tried the bicarb/mollasses protocol for two weeks with no change in the PSA. We then found Larry Pope's website (Nutrition 2000) and after reading all of the data and the testimonials, I figuered I had nothing to lose.I contacted Mr. Pope and started on his protocol of PC Hope and bicarbonate as well as the Budwig diet,no sugar,alcohol or red meat. My diet consists of organic vegetables,some fruit,organic goat yogurt,distilled/spring water,Barleans flaxseed oil/flaxseeds as well as vitamin and mineral supplements,as well as walking at least 5 days a week.

After exactly twentysix (26) days, my PSA is 5.75 after I was told by a urologist that my only hope to buy some time was Lupron and he offered no guarantee at all!! In fact the only thing he did guarantee was that I was going to die!

I hope this gives any man dealing with prostate cancer some renewed hope and alternative for a choice in dealing with this insidious disease. I am staying with my protocol and will check my progress in another thirty days. I will keep everyone informed of my progress as I go along. Always keep a positive attitude, the mind is a powerful tool.

Sending everyone positive thoughts and healing

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From: L crapes



I took my PSA test on the 25th day (11-02-2011) and received the results yesterday (11-03-2011). My scores were 1.2 for the PSA from 5.8 in 25 days-WOW! WOW!

I am very thankful for your help and your wonderful product. Thank you, God; Thank you

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From: Mrs clark


Hello Larry,

My husband B Clark just received his first PSA results after being on your protocol for 30 days.

It has dropped to 0.81 from 6.4--we are very very pleased--what next?

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From: Jim



I finally got the results of my Dads PSA test today - The results: PSA 1.5

The history of his PSA numbers as follows= started on protocol april 11--psa 595 to 72 in 30 days--sept 11-psa down to 33.5---last psa nov 02-2011-as stated above--1.5-you told me it would come right on down to where it needed to be--just be patient -thank GOD for you and your product-- Thank you.

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From: Lewis


hello mr pope-great news-thank you-thank you-thank you

As i indicated to you in my first email, that i had robotic surgery procedure 23 months ago-- dr said said this would fix my problem--(ya right) now after 21 months, my psa was back up to 5.8(you said the psa would always rise again) that cancer travels in the blood stream-(that removing the prostate serves no purpose)-i did not understand what you meant at the time--but i do now--my psa now after 25 days of being on your protocol, is 0.23--i could not believe it. my dr had told me the only way to get the psa down was with lupron--boy was he wrong-will continue on the maintance dosage as you indicated--my wife and i want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts--GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WORK

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From: mr pope-russh


Wow!! My new PSA is 2.5. Less than half of my old PSA number of 5.3 in october --DR said that though that hey had gotten the psa numbers were mixed up at the lab-you told me since he was going to re-run the psa -to make sure he ran a total and a free psa--well he did and the psa now after 5 more days is 1.75--free psa is 27%-my free 3 months ago was-14% --DR. said he did not understand what was going on-that he was not going to question the psa numbers,he advise me to get new psa in 6 months--thank you so much

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From: Dr Joseph L Lombardi

Title: PSA dropped from 8000 to 1300

I wanted to thank you for your sincere help in giving me a natural alternative to the radical treatments out there for Prostate Cancer. My Prostate Cancer first appeared 16 years ago. I had radiation treatments and hormone injections.

Two years ago (14 years after the original diagnosis), the cancer metastasized to the bone. I went through 4 different chemotherapy drug treatments (including taxetere, carboplatin, taxol and one clinical trial drug called satraplatin). All of them failed. not only did my PSA shoot up higher, 8000 to be exact, I suffered the many side effects of chemo including weight loss, fatigue and some permanent hearing loss.

After one month on the regimen including PC Hope and Cell Advance, I am thrilled to say my PSA went down to 1500 and after 60 days, dropped again to 1300. I am continuing with the protocol and I'm confident that the success will continue.

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From: Paul of Tallahassee

Title: PSA was 6.5 and now is undetectable

This is "Paul of Tallahassee" and I am writing to thank you for your assistance in dealing with my prostate cancer. It has been a a long journey from when I was diagnosed in May 2005 with a PSA of 7.4 and a Gleason score of 6. I started working with you in June 2005. Yes, I succumbed to external pressure and stopped taking your products around February 2007 when my PSA was around 6.5. I had surgery in October 2007. After surgery, I still had a PSA of 1.3 and radiation treatment was recommended. At that point, I called on you one more time for help. You didn't lik what I had done but you lovingly offered to help me again. By the Grace of God, this time your products worked for me; my PSA is undetectable.

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From: G. Stangarone

Title: PSA dropped from 15 to 0.2; Cholesterol dropped from 223 to 199 in 32 days

On March 22, 2008 I was told by my Doctor after my usual blood test that my PSA was at 15. I found your website on Easter Sunday and called you the following Monday. You suggested I go on your Prostate Protocol which I started the following Friday, March 28. I was on it for the next 32 days after which I had another test to find out my PSA score dropped to 0.2. Also, my total Cholesterol dropped from 223 to 199. This is the first time it has been under 200 in 7 years. My Doctor was amazed and said "You Can't Argue with Success". Everyone is pleased.

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From: C. Schwartzentruber

Title: PSA dropped from 33 to 0.71

In Nov 2006 I was diagnosed with PC after biopsy, PSA 14 Gleason Score 3+3=6. I was put on watchful waiting with further tests at 6 month intervals. By April 07 my PSA was 27 then in Aug at 29 and in Dec 2007 my PSA has risen to 33. At the Dec appointment with my Oncologist he had suggesed we should maybe start with hormone treatment.I asked if I could have another 6 months in orderto try a Nutritional program to get my PSA down. He agreed but commented that I should not expect too much from nutrition alone. He set 2 more tests for April 08 and again in July after which I have my next appointment with him. Between Nov 06 and Dec 07 I had done a lot of research and was prayfully looking for alternative treatments to that of the conventional ones being offered. By God's grace I happened upon the Nutrition 2000 website and the testimonials and the Holy Spirit convinced me to give this protocal a serious trial. In late Dec I ordered the 40 day protocol recommended. I started the protocol on Feb 15, 2008 I saw our family doctor for a regular visit on May 06 2008 and he informed me that my Apr PSA had come back at 0.71 (down from 33in Dec.) Needless to say I am ecstatic with the results and so is my wife and family who were not all that enthusiastic about my choice of treatment. This program works and along with a rigorous change from past eating habits I hope to have similar resuts in July, if the oncologist doesn't cancel it in the meantime.

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