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From: Larry Macaluso, Matthews, NC

Title: 4.0 to 1.6

I just want to send a little note to thank you for your program on a healthy prostate. My PSA number rose to a borderline 4.0. My doctor suggested that I come back in three months. I went on your program a couple of weeks after my PSA result. I went back for another test last week. The test came back with a 1.6 PSA. My doctor was amazed. Thank you.

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From: Jim

Title: 6.4 to 0.6

On May 1, 2003 I received an email recommendation from the nationally known diet doctor, John A. McDougall, MD, that I seriously look into PC-SPES before going on hormone therapy for my rising PSA. Of course, I quickly discovered that PC-SPES had been taken off the market by the FDA. My online searching brought me to PC Hope which I bought and took at the rate of 9 to 12 daily. After 41 days my PSA went from 6.4 to 0.6. Even after radiation therapy it never went this low. Needless to said my wife and I are surprised and ecstatic. My urologist is pleased and advised me to continue.

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From: Jim Clarke, Ben Lomond, CA

Title: 17.5 to 1.5

My PSA had been rising steadily for some considerable time------the last reading being 17.5 in Feb. 2003--I was very concerned.

You introduced me to the PC Hope/Protocol program on the 1st March 2003 and after 6 weeks I took the PSA blood test. Lo and behold----the result astounded me------my PSA had dropped to 1.5. Thank you Frank!!

I am sure a reading of "Zero" is well within reach----

My wife states that my legs look slimmer---and my eyes sparkle----not bad?

Thanks again.

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From: G. Leigh McLaughlin, Little Rock, AR

Title: 3.35 to 0.5

Frank, You will recall, I ordered the prostate protocol a little over a month ago. My PSA was 3.35, and while that is within the acceptable range, I was concerned that it was that high. I just got the results from the PSA test I took last week. I went from 3.35 to 0.5! Frank, I can't tell you how pleased I am. If my PSA ever is too high again, I know who I am calling. During the month I took the protocol, I wondered if it was doing any good. I did it faithfully for the entire program, and I am so happy I did. Frank, I cannot thank you enough. You may use this as a testimonial if you want to.

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From: C. C. ROCCO, Hatfield, PA

Title: 20 percent DROP


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From: Jack and Jeannie Dexter, Running Springs, CA

Title: 12.8 to 3.74

Thank you for your help. After my husband Jack was on the products you recommended for about 5 weeks, his PSA count went down from a 12.8 taken Jan 3, 03 to a PSA of 3.74.

We are praising God and telling all our friends. God bless you! Keep up the good work!

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From: Gerald Renninger, McClure, PA

Title: 8.4 to 1.3

When I started these products my PSA was 8.4. I was on the products for approx. 4-5 months. My urine flow has greatly improved. I had another PSA done and it is now 1.3.

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From: John W. Anderson, Tulsa, OK

Title: 214.6 to 110.0

On Tuesday, November 26, 2002, My PSA was 214.6. On Wednesday, November 27, 2002, I began taking four (4) capsules a day, two at breakfast and two at supper. Two weeks later, Tuesday, December, 10, 2002, I had another PSA test. On Wednesday December 11, 2002, The doctor's office called and said the PSA test showed less than one (1), and there must be some mistake. So on Thursday, December 12th I had another PSA test. On Friday, December 13th the doctor's office called and informed me my PSA had dropped to 110.0.

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From: Joe Scoppa, South Williamsport, PA

Title: 357 to 130

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1992. I decided to undergo radiation treatments instead of removal of the prostate.

In 1999, I was put on Megastral. It helped for about a year.

In 2000, I was put on Casodex. It did not help as my PSA climbed to 350.

I stopped all medications.

In 2001 I started PC Specs. My PSA dropped to 37, then it was taken off the market. Unable to buy PC Specs, my PSA jumped to 357 and in May of 2002 I found out that the cancer spread to my back and ribs. I felt worse then ever.

In May-June of 2002, I had several bones radiated. In August, I started taking PC Hope and some of Frank Willis's protocol. Presently, I feel much better. My PSA dropped to 130 and I am hoping that it continues to drop. PC Hope is a remarkable product.

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From: Loren Jones, Newton, Iowa

Title: 13 to 2.73 in five weeks

Loren Jones called to say that his PSA came down from 13 to 2.73 in five weeks doing the protocol and PC Hope. His Oncologist is "scratching his head".

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From: Colla

Title: Now ... he sleeps through the night.

I am dropping this line first of all to thank you for allowing us to discover you. My husband who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer for 2 years and was beginning to not respond to the hormone treatment. This was supported by a creeping PSA which was .03 the whole of 2001. His PSA in October 2002 was 3.7. He had been complaining for 3months about lack of sleep, since he had to wake up 4 to 5 times in the night. He was complaining about hesitation during urination also. After only a week of taking your prostate cancer protocol, he started waking up 2 times a night. Now, which is 3 weeks after therapy, he sleeps through the night. I would like to check his PSA, but I think I would like to wait for another month to reduce his anxiety. It has been a wonder that I ran into your name after a lot of research and desperate efforts to find natural ways of treating this deadly monster. What helps most of all, is that he is a strong believer of God. He has never lost hope, he has always believed that there is a better cure out there than chemo and radiation therapy that was recommended for him.

I have looked after a lot of patients that were receiving radiation and chemotherapy, I certainly did not think this was the way to go. He has been exercising and changed his eating habits. Best of all he has lived a very good quality of life. He has never taken a day off from work because of his cancer. The only time he took off time away from his business was to go for testing and to receive his hormone injections.

I have now added my mother in your list of patients. I trust her health in your hands. I had nowhere to turn for my husband. I trusted you from the day I started talking to you. You gave us such confidence and hope even before you started treating my husband. We really believe in you. You have proved your credibility to me and my family.

I look forward to talking to you tomorrow afternoon about both my husband and my mother whom I am very concerned about. You have been a blessing in disguise.

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From: Ed Dority, Covington, KY

Title: 40 to 1.4 in the last three months

Ed Dority said his psa has dropped from over 40 to 1.4 in the last three months. He first had 1.9 and the doctor did not believe it so they ordered another test that showed 1.4

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From: Ed Dority, Covington, KY

Title: UPDATE: Ed Dority's PSA is now 0.7.

Ed Dority's PSA is now 0.7.

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From: George Zaremba, Pukalani, HI

Title: 5.2 to 1.7

Diagnosed with prostrate cancer in 1999. I used PC Spes untill no longer available (01/02). Two months ago my PSA was 5.2; Now I am using PC Hope and it has reduced to 1.7.

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