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From: Jim Vivona, Middletown, RI

Title: PSA dropped from 16 to 0.31 - Look and feel much better!

I can't tell you how pleased I am with Nutrition 2000. Larry and Jim were very helpful in getting me on the road to recovery. I called them with a PSA of 16, went on their protocol, and 45 days later my PSA is 0.31. I went on a strict diet 30 days before starting the protocol. No meat, dairy, or white products (white bread, potatoes, white rice). I lost weight from 180 to 158 in 8 weeks. I didn't drink any alcohol. They couldn't be more helpful with their advice or more pleasant to deal with.

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From: Aven & Jo Owens

Title: PSA dropped from 84 to 1.72. No problems with Hiatus Hernia/Blood Pressure

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the PC Hope. My PSA was 84 and after taking the PC Hope for a month....my PSA dropped to 1.72. I couldn't hardly believe it. Not only has the PSA dropped but I am not having any problems with a Hiatus Hernia that I have. For so many months I could not lay down for several hours after eating...now I can lay down anytime and nothing bothers me. I have had several tests done since and everything checked out normal. The Doctor said that my blood pressure was like an 18 year old. My overall health has improved a lot. Your company has made a believer out of me. There are so many vitamins and minerals etc. on the market that it is hard to be sure as to what to buy. Your company is very good, has honest answers, and so much free advice.

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From: Rod Woodbury, Cape Coral, FL


In 1993 I inadvertently discovered I had a questionable prostate. The end result of that was proton radiation at Loma Linda University in California. Starting with the lowest PSA level after radiation of .05 it has since climbed to 1.9, resulting in my physicians suggestion to curb it somehow and mentioned cryogenics, surgery or hormones and described the negatives of each - fully recognizing I couldn't withstand any more variations of radiation. I allowed verification of an existing cancer by a biopsy with a Gleason rating of 6. Feeling 40, although I'm 73, I fully realized the debilitating affects of either of these options and took friends advice to seek alternative means. I started with prostate cancer as a subject, searching the web and after a couple days found Nutrition 2000. On discovering Larry's website and reading the testimonials called and spoke to Jim who after further discussion said, "Here's what were gonna send you," and in my mind described everything but the kitchen sink. They arrived a few days later and I started taking them on April 11, 2004 and ended my 40 days on May 20, 2004. I took a blood test on May 25, 2004 (with tickling doubt in the back of my mind saying, "Now really, with all the advances in medicine, what do you expect to happen in 40 days with this stuff.") and got the results of 0.01 on Friday of the Memorial Day Vacation as we were on the freeway driving to the Orlando, Florida area. My wife was talking to the doctor's nurse and repeated it to me. I immediately thought she's got that number transposed somehow......it can't be that low! Well, 0.01 was confirmed and my vacation was truly splendid knowing I didn't have to endure the conventional alternatives.

Now, for all you sufferers of elevating PSA numbers who may think spending any money or taking the advice of Larry or Jim by finding them happenstance on the Internet could be paramount stupidity on your part.....well, just think of the alternatives.

Did I mention the side benefits? My blood pressure generally ran 145 over 95+. It has dropped to 125 over 70. My weight went from 205 to 189. The scaling around my nose and eyes is totally gone and my skin is smooth over my whole body. I don't tire excessively or feel exhaustion. I'm more regular than I've been in years -- probably attribute4d to what is suggested to arrive at an acceptable body pH level. I'm a believer and will gladly discuss my results with you!

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From: J.D. Hall, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Title: No Embarrassing and Painful Procedures.

Chronologically speaking, February 16, 2004, I had blood work done and received a report that my PSA and Free PSA test results were not normal, with a PSA of 9.3 and a Free PSA of 16. (Normal being a PSA of 4 or less or a Free PSA of 25 or more).

A urologist was recommended and seen who wanted to put me in the hospital for sedation to perform 18 prostate biopsies and a trans urethral resection procedure (TURP) before April 8, 2004.

Doing some web research, visiting the Nutrition2000.com, and after placing an order on March 25, 2004, I started the prescribed regiment. After 40 days, on May 5, 2004, I had my PSA and Free PSA blood work retested. I have just received the results via voicemail message of a NORMAL PSA of 0.9 and 0.2 respectively. I called the doctor's office and requested a report be mailed to my home, as I now track these readings. These two tests will be repeated in 4 or 5 months.

Words cannot express how grateful I am that I didn't have to submit to the biopsies and TURP ad that prayer and your products brought my reading to the low end of the NORMAL range. In addition, my weight went from 227 pounds to 213 pounds, which was desired and my blood pressure has been steady about 117 over 77. Overall, I feel much better.

Maybe by authorizing you to publish this communication on your web site, you will have some idea of my gratitude.

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From: Arthur Barker, Lake Havasu City, AZ

Title: My Urologist was Dumbfounded

I received my news PSA score and have great news. After using your program for 33 days, my PSA went from 8.4 to 0.5. Thanks for Nutrition 2000, I strongly believe this program "saved my prostate."

In November 2003, my PSA climbed to 4.4. My doctor tested me again in February 2004 and it was 8.4. I was referred to a urologist, who immediately wanted to do an ultrasound and take biopsies. I declined these tests until after I completed your prostate protocol, which I started on March 10, 2004. On April 12, 2004, I was again tested and had a PSA of 0.5. The urologist was dumbfounded. All he could say was "see you in a year for your next test."

My wife and I are telling everyone about PC Hope and your program. My wife works at a medical clinic with a number of doctors, so this should be fun watching there reactions.

Again, thank you Larry and a special thanks to Jim for all his advise and help during the 33 days. I plan to continue with a follow-up maintenance program of PC Hope for however long. Feel free to use my testament all you want.

Zippy-do-da! I am so happy!

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From: Mark Clancey, Orlando, FL

Title: Once I Was Blind...But Now I See

I am a guy who just turned 49. I routinely had annual physicals, which included PSA tests. I went blindly along for a period of four to five years with an escalating PSA of 3.44 to 6.1, not having a clue that I should be doing something about it.

After a referral to a urologist and an ultrasound/biopsy, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. (Cancer in 10 percent of specimen, Gleason 6). I was told that the only real option was that of a radical prostatectomy. I began researching various treatments and became aware of the work of Larry Pope and Nutrition 2000.

I began a regimented protocol on Thanksgiving 2003. My PSA was 25 due to the biopsies. Now, 4 months later after strictly adhering to Larry's protocol, my PSA is 0.4.

Larry's protocol was challenging and an educational process in itself. I won't be going back to past eating and drinking patterns. I have modified my life so that I am now wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, yeast-free, and sugar-free. I continue to take maintenance supplements recommended by Larry.

I would strongly recommend anybody to explore Larry's program at Nutrition2000.com before blindly going down the road of traditional medicine.

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From: Michael Omspach, Fort Wayne, IN

Title: Renewed Energy

I would like to confirm the wonderful results I have had taking the Chronic/Major Prostate Cancer Protocol. In February I became very ill with fever and was diagnosed with prostatitis. I was given an antibiotic to take after a PSA test came back at 38. After one month, my condition did not improve and further PSA tests showed a PSA of 25 an then 33. All I wanted to do was sleep all day.

I came across the Nutrition 2000 website, was very impressed with the product information and testimonials, and placed my order on March 15, 2004. I followed the instructions as closely as possible and began to feel better each day.

I just had another PSA taken on April 21, 2004, and my result was an amazing 1.4. What can I say except thank you, thank you, thank you!

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From: Chuck Inzerillo, Kansas City, MO

Title: PSA dropped from 6.3 to 0.7 in just 5 1/2 weeks

Thank you "Nutrition 2000"! My PSA went from 6.3 to 0.7 in just 5 1/2 weeks. To say the least, I'm thrilled with these results.

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From: Gene Tuttle, Lindale, TX

Title: Once a skeptic......now a believer

As you know, I have been on your Cancer protocol for 1 and 1/2 months. I went into the program skeptically and originally only purchased the PC Hope, Selenium and Silver. Since then I have went on your full protocol. When I started I had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I had a PSA of 5.37 and a Gleason of 7. I was told by several Doctors that I HAD to either have a Radical Prostectomy (cut out my prostate) or go on radiation therapy....Period, no other choices. Because I do a lot of research, I found out that my PSA indicated that I was in the early stages of my disease, so I felt that I should try some of the alternative methods available (That the Doctors do not tell you about). I found out about PC Spes. Further research revealed that the FDA at the insistence of the Medical and Pharmaceutical professions had forced the Company that made it to take it off the market. I found that Nutrition 2000 made an upgraded version of the product. I took that and other products (Graviola) for 1 1/2 months and my PSA was checked a few days ago. It was a gratifying 0.34. What can I say, I was ecstatic to say the least.

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From: Thomas Smith, Chino Hills, CA

Title: Doctors amazed by results!

My sole motivation to share my story comes from a face to face encounter with one of the most tragic situations in the medical industry today, I was diagnosed with an elevated PSA: once in 1995, again in 2004 by my insurance carrier when I attempted to increase my coverage, and a third time by the Red Cross when my blood was rejected. Dr. Tedyai M.D. (Urologist) at Kaiser Permanente confirmed the results with a second test, he consequently referred me to Dr Lee (Hematologist). While I was waiting for my appointment 15 days later, I discovered Nutrition 2000 and Larry Pope on the internet. After following Larry's recommendations of PC Hope, Rephe Flora, Chlorella Powder, Herbal Tea, Agape Living Water, Candimint, Metalmint, Silver 4x and Selenium, my PSA dropped to 19.5 by the time I saw Dr. Lee, he was so amazed he ordered a second test of which came in at 10.1, he asked me what I was doing to get my PSA under control, my response was that I have been pursuing all natural treatments from Nutrition 2000, he was not interested, this is the tragedy. Although I'm not completely out of the woods yet, I thank GOD for Nutrition 2000.

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From: Jose Hernandez, Miami FL

Title: PSA dropped 33.5 points in 40 days

Good News!!! I just got the results for my PSA. I have been taking PC Hope and Rephe Flora for 40 days, and the results are wonderful. In January 2004 my PSA was 46.55 and today, 40 days later, it has come down to 12.97. I will keep on the same plan.

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From: Bill Nicholson, Jacksonville, FL

Title: PC Hope shatters track record

I have fighting a high PSA for the past 5 years. It suddenly climbed from 2.5 to 7 and has stayed between 6 and 7 for 5 years. Antibiotics brought it back to 5.5 but wouldn't drop lower. I tried every natural supplement I could read about but to no avail. I learned of your product, ordering just the PC Hope and in about five weeks the PSA dropped to 3.2. I am now taking the rest of the products that you suggested and expect it to drop below 1! I am so very happy with the results already. Just started the other products over the weekend. Will give you an update later

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From: Haskel Greenberg, Worcester, MA

Title: PSA Dropped from 32.3 to 0.87 in 35 days

Just wanted to share the great results I achieved after 35 days on PC Hope and Prostate Protocol. Two months ago my PSA was 32.3 and the biopsy confirmed prostate cancer in both lobes. Blood test yesterday indicated that my PSA dropped to 0.87!!! I am waiting to see the reaction on my doctor's face next week. Thank for a Miracle.

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From: John M Pardell (JMP), Fenton, MI

Title: 93 percent Drop in PSA

I want to confirm the great results I have had on the Prostate/Candida Protocol. In late November 2003, I received news from my annual blood test my PSA was up to 18.1. I searched the internet for potential solutions and found your site which impressed me because of the testimonials of users of your products.

I began the Prostate/Candida Protocol on Dec. 15, 2003 and followed your recommendations closely. Had a PSA test on Jan. 30, 2004 and just received news my PSA is now 1.1. I have never has a PSA reading this low throughout my whole history of measuring this factor. I feel great and very confident with your products. Please feel free to use my testimonial on your website.

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