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From: David DeVooght

Title: PSA down 6.7 to 2.9

My husband Dave hurt his arm in Nov. 2003. He is very skeptical of docotors, but had to get it checked out. I asked the doctor to check his prostate and PSA while he was there since he had never had either done. It was 261 on 12/21/03 the urologist did a biopsy. We didnt tell our family until after Christams when we got the reults. It was a very aggressive cancer and we needed to put the brakes on fast. dave was given his first lupron shot on 12/27/03 and every 4 months thereafter. This brought the number down to 0.6 but it was sapping every ounce of strength he had. Hot flashes came on with a vengence. He decided to skip a shot, start drinking Essiac Tea, take lots of supplements and try to get his strength back. On 08/09/05 his PSA jumped back to 6.7, so he got another $2,600 Lupron Shot. I continued to pray and search the internet for the latest treatments. You guessed it!! Up popped Nutrition 2000! I read everything on the web site, called Larry and called a man named Louie whose testimonal was on the site. i was convinced, but not skeptical Dave. I ordered Phase 1 of the protocol and it was the last present under the 2005 Christmas Tree for Dave. He couldn't refuse or return a gift like that. He got one more shot in December, but he faithfully started the Protocol on 1/1/06. He also did Phase 2 and Phase 3. We had to wait for the Lupron to get out of his system to what was going on. We just got the latest PSA reults on 7/31/06 and it was 2.9! We are positive we can get it down farther with a good diet and help from Jim. Thank you God, Larry, Jim and Nutrition 2000. Thanks for all your help, Marilyn

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From: John Sawyer

Title: PSA dwon from 4.9 to .30

My purpose in writing this is to offer a testimonial concerning the very good results of taking the vitamin packed pill called PC Hope, offered by Nutrition2000. I'm quite amazed that one pill can make such a great difference for my problem, especially in such a short period of time. I am a victim of prostate cancer and I found out the hard way that it is very unwise for a man to let a problem like this linger for very long after he finds out his PSA has begun to increase beyond zero. I regret I did not pay more attention to what was going on during the few years my tests progressed so rapidly. I realize now I should have taken the time to learn more about this deadly decease when I first noticed my annual test results increasing during this time period. I am a World War 11 veteran, 86 years of age and have experienced good health over the years until I was fool enough to let these warning signs progress to the point of hearing the doctor say " you have prostate cancer ". Looking back to the time in 2001 when my doctor advised me that I had reached the BPH level, I now think I could have avoided the biopsy and the condition I find myself in at this time, had I only obtained at least some of the vast amount of education concerning prostate cancer available at that time. Of course, hindsight is always 20/20 vision, but it is something to think of, even now. Results of a PSA test I had on 1/6/05 reflected a 4.9 marker, which prompted the doctor to recommend a biopsy. Results of this test and subsequent tests showed proof that I had an aggressive cancer, with a Gleason score of 8. After listening to the doctor's explanation and reading about the medical options of treatment offered, I decided to research alternative treatments available and spent many hours over the next six months using the computer trying to find the best answer. One of the earliest web sites I found was Nutrition2000 and was very much interested in their program, but I was also interested in finding other medically proven choices to consider. I found many different ways to treat this problem by medical care, but all of them were based on the traditional methods used by doctors. During this time, I returned to and studied many of the alternative methods which I had found on Internet and became more and more impressed by the Nutrition2000 site offering. I talked to Larry Pope several times about the treatment offered and read many of the testimonials of prior users of their product. Since I was in a waiting period of about 45 days before my next appointment with the urologist, I decided to try Larry's suggestion and ordered the PC Hope product on May 19, 2006. In accordance with his help and instructions, I took the product for thirty days and then had another PSA test done, plus a free and total test. The following information, as shown on the lab report, reflects what happened in my case during the period of March 2/05 to July 5/06. Historical Results ( Last Six Accessions ) Collection Date 3/2/05 9/29/05 1/6/06 5/4/06 7/5/06 Total PSA 3.4 3.8 4.9 3.9 0.30 PSA 11(F/T) 6% 20% I submit this information in order to let anyone reading my case history that there are several good options available that can be considered, both medical and alternative. I'm glad I selected the alternative method offered by Nutrition2000 PC Hope. Larry, I thank you for your patience and understanding. John Sawyer Burlington, N. C.

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From: Young Lee

Title: PSA dwon from 4.5 to 2.5

Thank you Larry and Jim! I was nutrition 2000 (Prostasol) for 33 days and rechecked PSA: It went down from 4.7 to 2.0. What good news. I was ordered by urologist to have a biopsy when PSA went to 4.7 from precious four years steady 2.5. I stopped listening and searched alternative ways and found nutrition 2000. Now I am on maintenance dose of one capsule a day I AM PLANNING TO SAY ANOTHER couple of months and measure my PSA again as Larry instructed. This is a far less invasive treatment and I am glad I found nutrition2000. Young Lee

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From: Louie

Title: PSA remains under 3

Dear Larry: I want to THANK YOU and your entire staff for the support ya'll have shown me through these difficult times. I have been on your program for a year and three months and without question my quality of life has been maintained. My PSA readings which I get every three months have consistently stayed under three from 4.8 to-2.2, 2.8, 2.6 etc. Everyone should do their research but I personally believe your protocol-- without question works. I will be forever grateful for the work you and your company does on a daily basis to help men that have this disease. I have said it before and will say it again doing Nutrition 2000 protocol may well be the best decision I have ever made in my life. My very best regards, Louie

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From: Ray Wing

Title: PSA down from 6.2 to 1.8

Recently my PSA was 6.2, up from a previous level of 2.4 two years prior. In addition the digital exam revealed a nodule that could be felt. After a biopsy it was revealed I had prostrate cancer with a Gleason 7 rating. The doctor wanted me to treat it with conventional medical treatment, but I decided to learn more about cancer and found a lot of helpful information on the Nutrition 2000 site and decided to try the Prostrate Protocol along with dietary changes. After 90 days I felt much better and my PSA was down to 3.4. In addition I had an infection in my gum above one of my front teeth for the previous 3 years that the dentist was closely watching. This gum infection totally cleared up after 90 days on the Prostate Protocal, a clear sign my immune system was healthy. At 5 months my PSA level was down to 1.8 and the digital exam revealed no bump or nodule, another clear sign of a healthy immune system. Ray Wing Olympia, Washington July 11th, 2006

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From: Don Vacca

Title: Gratitude for the Protocol

Dear Larry, this is a letter of gratitude.for the past 5 years since i turn 50, i have been going for yearly psa screenings. my psa level was around 2.3, which was with the accepted range. last Nov. it elevated to 4.8. my doctors was strongly suggesting i get a biopsy. at that point i went on line and found various opinions on biopsies, which raise a few red flags. i also came across Larry and nutrition 2000. after a few conversations with Larry and some of the men who had been saved by nutrition2000, i decided to take a chance on this man, who sounded very confident in what he was saying. at first he started me on his silver product, which lowered my psa to 3.5 and then i started the 90 day protocol. my free psa at that point was 15. so i was alittle concerned with the psa and free psa numbers. within 90 days my psa dropped to 2.3 and free psa went up to 20 , which was a big improvement. i continued on it for another 30 days and now my psa is 1.2, which is lower then i have ever had, and my free psa is 26. these scores are amazing. i am now continuing with a maintenance program to assure good prostate health. i am so grateful to Larry and his program. besides the remedies, he and his staff is very supportive and it is reassuring to have them around when you are going through this. it is also great to know other alternatives that work, that are non evasive and inexpensive. so again, i highly recommend the program which has worked so well for me and strongly suggest that you explore Larry's options before you blindly follow your doctors suggestions. thanks Larry.. Don Vacca New York

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From: Paul R. Smith

Title: PSA down from 16,000 to 131 in just 90 days

I had been feeling very ill since the fall of 2005, thinking that I had walking pneumonia, I finally went to the Hospital on February 13th, 2006. I was given an appointment to see a Doctor on the 16th. At that time, I was unable to walk without great effort, or even dress myself without taking a break. I ached all over; my bones hurt, I could not get comfortable, had trouble sleeping. The Dr. did a complete physical, blood work and sent me for a chest x-ray. My PSA was 16,000+. Yes, that is correct 16000. This was the hightest PSA he had ever seen in his many years of practicing. I was shocked to say the least. He then sent me for a complete bone scan on February 22nd, which showed the cancer had metastasis to the bone. On February 27th, I was referred to an Oncologist who did an echo exam and a biopsy of the prostrate. I had a Gleason score of 7. He wanted to remove the testicles to eliminate testosterone. I refused and was put on Hormonal Therapy of Casodex and Lupron. The Dr. of course was not happy with my decision not to have surgery. My wife, who had already been looking on line, for an Alternative method of treating my cancer was not satisfied with this Doctor. Not agreing with his opinions and suggestion of surgery mentioned Nurtrition 2000 to him and was rebuffed by the Dr., with his comment of "you can find anything on line". The next day, February 28th, she contacted Larry Pope at Nutrition 2000 and asked him if he could help. He said that if he couldn't that no one could. We elected to go with the 90 - day program of Nutrition 2000 and have never regretted it. I started this program on March 4th, changing my whole way of eating and believing that I was going to beat this. It was difficult at first. In the meantime, the Oncologist sent me to a Cancer Specialist for the Lupron shots. He suggested for my weight loss, that I should eat white potatoes, and foods with high Sugar content. Even I know that sugar feeds the Cancer Cells, so this was not even an option. I had gone from 175 lbs down to 115. My weight has now stabilized and I am even gaining weight. 32 days after starting with the Nutrition 2000 program, my PSA was down to 1120, and on June 13th my PSA was 131. I am very pleased with the results. The PSA is still hight, but a remarkable decrease, and I have ever reason to believe it will continue to decrease. I have elected to continue on this path of Nutrition 2000. I believe that next time I have a PSA test that it will be in the acceptable range. If it weren't for my wife finding Nutrition 2000 and Larry and Jim and their help, I feel that I would either not be here today, or at the least totally helpless. I can't thank Larry and Jim enough for thier help, support, patience with our many phone calls and e mails with questions about eating and what I should expect on this program. They are knowledgeable, personable, and this is a testament to this organization. And I thank God for all the answered prayers and a chance for a longer life. I would definiitely recommend Nutrition 2000. Paul R. Smith, Lakeland, FL

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From: Anthony DeGennaro

Title: PSA down

I thank the Lord God who is my healer. In Feb., my PSA was 3.25. Doctor wanted a re-test a few days later which came back at 3. He referred me to a urologist who wanted a biopsy. The Lord allowed me to locate Nutrition2000. Larry was incredibly helpful and encouraging. After being on the protocol for two months, my PSA went to 2.1. Thank you to Larry and Nutrition2000 and praise and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With gratitude, Anthony DeGennaro 37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. Matthew 22:37-40

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From: Sophia Paliov

Title: PSA down 24.5 to 3.26

My father was diagnosed with early prostate cancer in 1999 with a Gleason score of 7. He was advised by the doctor to have the surgery and have it removed. And he did… but a few months later his PSA started creeping up slowly and they realized that they must have not gotten it all. He was put on hormonal shots every three months and was monitored. His PSA would always fluctuate from almost non detectable to sometimes as high as 34.5 (which was a year and half ago). However they never did more than just give him the injections. In January of 2006 was the first time they decided to check and see if it has spread. My father had the bone scan done later that month. Early February it was determined that yes it had mastsized to his ribs, spine and neck. His PSA at that time was at 24.5. The oncologist told us that he had about a 1 1/2 to 2 years at the most. And his only option was to do chemo or try some vaccines which would only prolong his life by a few months. I was not excepting that.. Not my father who is a 71 year old man that is so active still and still will not retire ( he is a phone tech and is still climbing the telephone poles and crawling under the houses) he is too full of life. Thank goodness he is also a stubborn guy and has great will power as well and he too said he would not go down with out a fight! The doctor started him on another form of hormone reduction (it's a form of anti-bacterial pill) and also on Hydrocortisone. He also had him do once a month a treatment of zomata (which was to help with bone pain- which my father had none of) that treatment stopped in April because it was affecting his kidney. The doctor did not think that these would help much but was worth a shot. Meanwhile, I was determined to find out about other options. I went on the internet and did major research and found Nutrition 2000. Read everything and all the testimonials and then called to find out more about it. Spoke with Jim first and he told me what it all consisted of and I figured what do we have to lose? I ordered everything and we waited for the stuff to come and in the mean time my father started the strict diet that was on their site. When the products came in mid February my father started the plan right away. He had an appointment with the oncologist on February 27 and his PSA level had dropped from 24.5 to 15.3. (he was only on the program for a little over a week) We were so exited! The doctor said "hey, Do you want to do chemo or just keep doing this?" We said no chemo until it is a last resort! He said okay and see us in a month. In March though it went up to 18 and we kind of were disappointed and a little skeptical. Jim and Larry both said not to worry and keep doing what we were doing. Both said it was not a set back! Sure enough in April it went down to 12. 3 and last month in May it was down to 3.26 (we never expected it to go that low- we were hoping for single digits but nothing like that! So in 3 months it went from 24.5-3.26. We are so excited and we are very hopeful.. The doctor however was very very surprised and said "hmm.. Not sure how this happened and how it got so low, but I accept it! The tests don’t' lie" he also mentioned that the cancer is not growing and more. Oh and by the way- the doctor does not know what we are doing… since doctors don’t believe in this and will not endorse it! I know my father will beat this and/or will have a much longer and better life than what the "doctors" predict! Will keep you posted on his results!! Best- S.Paliov Whittier, CA

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From: Stan Branch

Title: PC Hope and Surcan Together lower PSA

I had some prostate cancer diagnosed by a biopsy in November 1999. I went on a nutrition program that included carrot juice and eating a lot of salads. In the fall of 2000, no cancer was found in a follow-up biopsy. I continued the carrot juicing regimen until February of 2005. During the period from 1998 to the summer of 2005 my PSA values ranged from 2.5 to 4.5. I had another PSA test in January 2006, and the result was 5.65. I did not have another biopsy, but I searched the Internet for articles regarding PSA results and came across the Nutrition 2000 website. I talked to Larry Pope after ordering PC Hope via the Internet, and he started me on a regimen of Surcan and PC Hope, which I started taking together on February 5, 2006. I had another PSA test on April 14. I found out on April 19 that my PSA reading was 2.2 and my free PSA was 50%! I am now taking Surcan and PC Hope on a maintenance basis. I am thankful to the Lord for leading me to the Nutrition 2000 website and for using the prostate products to help me physically. I am also grateful to Larry Pope for his concern and consultations.

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From: Mr MS, New York, New York

Title: PSA dropped from 21.5 to .1

As I indicated to you when we first spoke in June 2005, I had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer 10 years earlier. During this time, my PSA remained under four while taking PC Spes, and then Prostasol until June, when it rose to 16. In August 2000, my PSA rose to 21.5 and I underwent a high power doppler ultrasound exam and a biopsy. The tests indicated a locally aggressive cancer staged T3C, with a gleason score of 7 (4+3). There appeared to be extracapsular extension and penetration into the right superior neuro vascular bundle and right seminal vesicle involving the right base, right mid, right apec. Up to 90 percent of the core length contained Prostate Cancer. There was also evidence of perineural invasion. Androgen therapy deprivation with or without chemotherapy was advised. Alternatively, radiation was also recommended. Obviously, this was a serious situation and I had to make a quick decision as to which path to take because I had to begin treatment immediately. While not disconnecting from my conventional physicians, I elected to work with you. Our agreement being that I would give your protocol 90 days to become effective. If it failed, I would then initiate more conventional medical treatment. As you know by now, my PSA dropped to .2 in November 2005 and to .1 in December 2005. My Free PSA is 50%. I am excited about your new Prostate Cancer Protocol and look forward to continued success. Thanks again for all your help, support, and encouragement. I am most grateful and appreciative.

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From: George Gryschuk, Richmond, British Columbia

Title: PSA dropped from 18.3 to .74 in 36 days

I am pleased to forward this information to you to be used as you wish in promotion of your products. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2002 and elected to not undergo the suggested radiation treatment prescribed by my oncologist. Rather than subject myself to the 33 radiation treatments, I decided to pursue natural treatment options. Unfortunately, I did not experience any success with these treatments and my PSA levels continued to increase. Using the internet for more information, I found Nutrition 2000. After reading and researching the prostate protocol, I decided to order the information and products. Prior to beginning the protocol, I had my PSA level measured and recorded by my family doctor. The level at the start of the protocol in January 2005 was 18.30. On my 36th day of the protocol my PSA level was measured again and the number recorded was 0.74.

Thank you to Nutrition 2000 and to God who directed me to this website. My results have amazed my doctor and encouraged me to share my success with you.

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From: John Pearson, Cloverdale, CA

Title: PSA dropped from 14.1 to 1.44, AMAS test indicated normal range

I may be a little different than most . I am 42 with no symptoms,normal DRE and a long distance runner. On August 31,2004 my doctor requested something new with my annual physical and cholesterol test, a PSA test.My PSA came back 15.98 and a PSA II of 7 percent .My doctor referred me to a urologist. Again, I retook the PSA II on 09-21-2004 to rule out a non cancerous PSA spike---It came back at 14.1 and 7.1 percent--PSA II.Of course he wanted to Biopsy, but I began my alternative cure.I had been speaking with Larry at Nutrition 2000 since 09-1-2004 as well as calling the testimonials. One had died but the living ones said Nutrition 2000 was the real deal. As I am a skeptic, I set up a base line before beginning the Protocol. I took the AMAS test on 09-26-2004 and received a "Borderline Result" S-tag(232),F-tag(132),Net-tag(100).

I began the Nutrition 2000 Protocol on Oct 12, 2004 and followed it exactly. After the first 30 days (11/15/2004) my PSA II was down to 7.02 and 9 percent. Not perfect but at least heading in the right direction. My new Amas test results on 11/18/2004 was in the "normal range" but not perfect. As I was scheduled for an ultrasound with UCSF Urologic/Oncology dept. on 11/22/2004 I followed thru with it.The results were inconclusive but suspicious. I then called Larry and was placed on a reduced Protocol on 11/31/2004.I followed the protocol exactly and my new PSA II test on 12/23/2004 was down to 1.24 and 12 percent. Larry decided to place me on a maintenance program. As I was scheduled months ago for a Biopsy on 01/31/2005, my WIFE and I decided to go along and get a confirmation that the Protocol worked. I took my final labs on 1/24/2005 with a PSA II of 1.44 and 14 percent. My AMAS on 01/26/2005 remained in the Normal range with even lower numbers (almost perfect)S-tag(135),Ftag(105) and net-tag(30).I took the Biopsy on 1/31/2005 with 15 samples taken. ALL SECTIONS CAME OUT BENIGN. I have continued the maintenance program , diet and prayers. I am very thankful that God has blessed our family. I would gladly share my experiences with anyone.

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From: Ron Gill, Brandon, FL

Title: PSA dropped from 6.5 to 1.2, free PSA increased from 9 percent to 16.7 percent in 40 days!.

Went for an annual physical, fall 2004. PSA had jumped from 3.1 the previous year to 5.6. PCP referred me to a urologist who put me on antibiotics for 2 weeks and when my PSA was redone Nov 20. 2004, it had increased to 6.5 and my free PSA was 9 percent. Urologist did a biopsy Dec 2004 and gave me the results just before Christmas. It showed 3 of the 10 points positive for cancer. Fortunately I went away for a planned 2 week vacation and had a chance to begin searching the Internet for information and am thankful I found Nutrition 2000. Larry was very encouraging and helpful. I met with the urologist Jan 17. 2005, 1 week after I started the Nutrition 2000 prostate program. The urologist did not support what I was doing at all, but I continued and completed 40 days Feb 18 2005 and had my PSA redone. Feb 22 2005, I got the results and was excited and thankful to God and Nutrition 2000. PSA is now 1.2 and free PSA is 16.7 percent. I think the first PSA I ever had was about 2.0, so the current PSA is lower than about 10 years ago.

I am scheduled to see a doctor next week that supports the AMAS test and look forward to the results from that test.

UPDATE 04-10-05: After the successful results of reducing my PSA, Larry encouraged me to get the AMAS test done. The Doctor finally drew the blood on 03-28-05 and then met with me on 4-4-05 to go over the results. The normal range of the "net Tag" result goes up to 99. My "net Tag" result was 84, which means there is "no evidence of disease". I am so thankful to God and Nutrition 2000. Without Nutrition 2000, I was looking at either surgery or radiation, and both can have very undesirable side effects. So, I would encourage anyone who has prostate cancer to try the natural method of Nutrition 2000 rather than submitting to surgery or radiation.

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From: Francis Charnock, Luckington, UK

Title: PSA dropped from 7.2 to 1.9.

A routine medical check-up in October 2004 revealed an elevated PSA of 7.2 and a biopsy showed onset of early stage prostate cancer. Each discussion with physician and urologist tended to urge early conventional treatment, but I baulked at the projected side effects, and for the first time embarked on a rapid learning process about the disease. That's when I found the Nutrition 2000 website. I was amazed by some of the testimonials, but naturally skeptical of their authenticity. Minded to track down some of those offering the testimonials, I slowly realized it wasn't impossible to fake these on such an elaborate scale, as it would have bee neasy to demolish the whole range by discovery of just one flawed testimony. So I decided to give the prostate protocol a try as I had time on my side, through very early diagnosis, to revert to conventional treatment

I have to say the six week program can be a chore, trying to fit all the products in their allotted time-frame into a pretty busy lifestyle, and more than once I wonderred whether part of the treatment lay in the discipline of ingesting substances of such nauseating flavours that the targetted tumour would give up on life just to gain a respite.

All that is now history. Early Febuary 2005, I was able to seek a new PSA, hoping it may have come down some, dare I say a lot. In the event I was amazed to find it back down to 1.9 where it had been 18 months ealier.

I am delighted.

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