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From: Alan Kaplan, Los Angeles, CA

Title: PSA Dropped from 52 to 1.2 in 30 days

Thank you very much for guiding me through the protocol on how best to take PC Hope for maximum results. As you know, I was very skeptical that the product could reduce the PSA score and more specifically, I didn't think it would work very well for me since I had not had much success with several other products that made similar claims. However, in what I can only describe as a miracle, 30 days after starting PC Hope, my PSA score from the same lab that had tested me in September of 2004 and reported a score of 52, now on the retest report a score of 1.2. My doctor who wanted me on Lupron couldn't believe it.

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From: Everett Marcuson, Sr., Ft Lauderdale, FL

Title: PSA Dropped from 15.3 to 0.83 in 29 days

Wanted you to know that I had a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) reading of 15.3 on 08/28/04; Started your Major Prostate Protocol on 09/13/04 and on 09/23/04 my PSA had dropped to 5.2.....on 10/04/04 it was 1.5....on 10/12/04 it was 0.83 after being on your regimen for just 29 days. I'm looking forward to a still lower PSA reading after the 40 days is over, I'll let you know.

Please post my number in case anyone wishes to contact me concerning the effectiveness of your protocols at 954-566-4576.

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From: Ross Moreton, Ontario, Canada

Title: PSA Dropped from 3.9 to 0.3 in 6 weeks

I am happy to offer the following as a testimonial to the efficacy of your marvelous nutritional healing program. My name is Ross Moreton and I live in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. My PSA number had been slowly rising through my 40s and now having reached 52 years old, the value was up to 3.9 by late June, 2004. Based on this data, a trip to the urologist was recommended and arranged. During the previous year, in response to the rising numbers, I had made some changes to my diet, had been taking some supplements, and had engaged in some detoxification activities. However, this seemed only to slow down the rise, not reverse the slope.

Having about a months of wait time before my urologist appointment, and knowing that the urologist visit would almost undoubtedly result in a biopsy and who knows what after that, I decided to get serious about this problem and did some significant research on the internet. Well, the Nutrition 2000 web site was by far the most comprehensive I found and recommended supplements to deal with several contributing parameters such as heavy metals, candida, and parasites. I have had issues with these in the past and I have engaged in several different activities over the years to deal with those problems on an individual basis (for example, have my mercury fillings replaced).

But this was the only systemic approach that I was able to find that understood the cumulative and synergistic nature of the several problem areas and dealt with them all in a holistic manner. I was very impressed with the program, and the testimonials were very encouraging. It was hard to believe that the advertised improvements could be obtained in so short a time.

I called the next day and talked with Jim. He was tremendously knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions. I have been interested in nutrition and natural healing for many years and so was able to question Jim on many areas. HE was up to speed on all of them. Based on this high level of knowledge I felt comfortable that this was a reputable business and immediately ordered the Prostate Protocol as modified by Jim for my situation, taking into account the supplements that I was already taking.

The package arrived promptly and I started on the protocol mid July. My appointment with the urologist was in late July and, as I had expected, a biopsy was the recommended next step. I told him I had just started a nutritional program and did not want to do a biopsy at that time as the punctures would allow further leakage from the prostate and influence the PSA value in an upward direction, masking the potential benefits of the program. Although he was dubious that a nutritional program would have any significant effect, he agreed to hold off and I set up another appointment for late September when my post program PSA test results would be available.

I took the supplements as per instructions with only minor changes to the diet I was already on, which was fairly healthy to start with. I had a couple of healing crises, one in the second week and one in the fifth week, both lasting two days and both having almost identical symptoms (principally nausea, extreme fatigue, and headache). So I could tell that my body was really working to eliminate some toxic material. Other than those events, I felt generally more tired than normal during the course of the supplementation, but nothing too extreme.

One very pleasant event that occurred halfway through the program was an unsolicited call from Jim asking how I was doing. I was again impressed by how knowledgeable, personable, and helpful he was. I really appreciated his dedication to ensuring things were going along well for me and I feel this is a testament to the professionalism of this organization. They are there to help you get well, not just to sell products! Well, I finished the program in late August and had my next PSA test early in September, 2004. The result came back at 0.3! Not too shabby for a six week program!

Needless to say, I am delighted with the results and would encourage anyone with real or potential prostate or other difficulties to give this program a try, especially prior to undergoing any kind of medical procedure with its attendant risks.

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From: Thomas Jackson, Capitol Heights, MD

Title: PSA Dropped from 12.3 to 1.72 in 40 Days

Good news! I started your recommended program on July 30, 2004. On September 10,2004 I had a new PSA test performed. I received my new test results today. My new PSA is at 1.72, down from 12.30. Thank you so much for your products. This is truly a blessing!

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From: Don Haake, Lincoln , NE

Title: PSA Dropped from 37 to 1.9

About 3 years ago I was told my PSA was 17. My PSA kept going up to 37. I had tried various products, but nothing was working. I know someone who had prostate surgery and is still depressed and wearing diapers. I finally found nutrition 2000 thru much searching, and I believe, the answer to my prayers. I am so grateful for Larry Pope who has the knowledge and resources to make this product available. I have also had some great conversations with Jim. My PSA is now 1.9 after 40 days of following the nutrition plan and I am anticipating it to even go lower. I have lost 24 pounds as of today Sept. 25, 2004. I have had such a load lifted from my mind. Good luck in your journey, I hope you will find the happiness that I have found thru nutrition 2000. Thank you Larry and Jim for your support. I kept telling Larry I'm the kind of guy that needs constant reassurance, and he was always there. I told my wife, "Those Boys in Alabama sure know what they are doing".

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From: Ralph Ronda, Covina , CA

Title: PSA Dropped from 9.2 to 1.2 in 20 Days

Praise God who forgives us our sins, and heals us of all our diseases. About 30 days ago I took a blood test to check out my PSA level. The results came back, it was 9.2. I had people at my church praying about it and I took it to the Lord in prayer and he led me to Nutrition 2000. I then called up and spoke with Larry and he recommended the products I should take to help get my PSA back to normal. I took the products every morning and prayed on them, always believing God is the one who heals. I went back to the doctor after 20 days asked for another test and the results were great, the PSA was not at 1.2, GLORY TO GOD!!!!! My doctor wanted me to get a biopsy and all kinds of things, but I stuck with the Lord's guidance and wisdom. I want to thank Larry and Jim who consulted with me through this time of concern and prayed for me as well. May the Lord continue to use Nutrition 2000 and staff to help others with the same difficulties I had. I would recommend this system to anyone who needed help with similar problems, because with God's help it works. God Bless you All!!

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From: John Hopkins, San Diego, CA

Title: PSA Dropped from 12 to 2 in 40 days

In July of 1991 my urologist informed me that my PSA was 15.9. This was my first exposure to the test and the meaning of the reading. By July of 1994 it had elevated to 27.00. From September 12, 1994 to November 4, 1994 I had 40 radiation treatments which ultimately resulted with a PSA low of 0.5. By May 3, 2004 my PSA had elevated to 12.0

On September 5, 2004 I started the Nutrition 2000 Prostate Protocol.

After the 40 days of the protocol my PSA had gone down to 2.0. My family and I were and are ecstatic and are thanking God for the results. Since then I have been continuing the protocol at a reduced intensity and will soon be having another PSA test with anticipation it will result in a reading of 0.50 or less.

Thank you for introducing these products and treatment to me. God bless you in your endeavors introducing this protocol to men like me.

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From: Hal Lasman, West Covina , CA

Title: PSA Dropped from 193 to 0.045

I believe I am the champion of all your testimonies. I reduced my PSA from 193 to 1.1 in less than 45 days. The Doctor asked me to do a blood test again because the lab must have "made a mistake." Completed another blood test and it came back .045. A third follow-up revealed a PSA of .02

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From: Tom Shay, Wichita, KS

Title: PSA Dropped from 4.5 to 0.3

As a little background, I have been monitoring my PSA and it has been slowly rising. I was applying for insurance and the underwriter noticed it and was not impressed. He/she decided that the application would be "postponed" until such time that the level decreased. (Fat chance!) The levels were 1.5, 2.61, 3.7 and 4.5 (all in one year's span). I don't know why the underwriter postponed it!

After discussing my own prostate issues with my brother Martin, he gave me the Nutrition 2000 web address. I went to the site and was impressed. I was also skeptical but I decided to give it a shot. The bottom line is I took the products recommended by Larry Pope and had my PSA checked yesterday. Today, my PSA level is (drum roll) 0.3! That's not a small number. It's a very small number. Larry has seen this time, and time, and time again. I did not have a procedure that the Urologist was eager to perform. (Praise God!) "Normal PSA, for a fifty-six year old male is around 3.5.

In closing, please have your PSA checked, keep an open mind to alternatives, and check out the website. Thanks Larry! You're not just selling a product, you're performing a true service in educating and changing lives.

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From: Ray Reynolds, Marietta, GA

Title: Free PSA Dropped 25 percent

I am so excited to tell you how wonderful the Prostate Protocol has been for me. After completing a physical in March 2004, I was told that my PSA had risen to 8. I was then give two exams, but no cancer was found. My PSA was taken again 60 days later and my PSA had risen to 14. This PSA was taken from an independent lab and not the physical office, therefore I refused to accept the result. I was content to tell Larry my PSA was 8, knowing it had risen to 14. I didn't want to accept the fact that I had cancer. I began taking the protocol on July 15, 2004. Without the support and encouragement of Larry, I don't think I would have had the courage to begin. On August 23, I went to my physician to take the PSA exam. On August 25, I was informed that my PSA had dropped to 2.3 and the free PSA was 25 percent. Words cannot express the gratitude and joy that I felt at that moment. I am thankful to Larry and Jim for their assistance and encouragement throughout the last 40 days. They are working God's miracle. I am living testimony that the program works. I am feeling better than ever an I have had no surgery.

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From: Ken Roberts, Moline , IL

Title: PSA Dropped from 32 to 1.1 in 60 days

In April 2004, my PSA had risen from 22 to 32 in one year. I searched the internet for possible "natural" solutions and came across the Nutrition 2000 website. I noted the many endorsements and picked one from a small town in Michigan. the call encouraged me to try the program. This past week I finished the program, took a PSA test and lo & behold, the number was 1.1!! In 2 months, the vitamins, herbs, etc. had performed a near miracle! I am very pleased with both the results and with my association with Jim Dubose, my counselor.

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From: John Hargraves, Laguna Beach, CA

Title: PSA Dropped 95 percent

THE PROSTATE PROTOCOL IS THE REAL DEAL! Abnormal DRE + elevated PSA (8.7) + low Free PSA (8 percent) = probable prostate cancer. Complicating factor: chronic prostatitis. Urologist prescribed antibiotics for the latter but said biopsy afterward was almost certain. Web research led me to Nutrition 2000, but I was suspicious: their claims seemed too good to be true. Thought about it for a few weeks and had conversations with Jim and then Larry, and was very impressed with their knowledge and strong commitment to healing. Was also impressed by the testimonials. Finally ordered the protocol package and started my 40 days on July 16th. Very diligently followed the guidelines and observed the restrictions, although it wasn't easy at times -- the protocol itself was quite demanding (cabbage juice was a real challenge, although I found that adding one carrot's juice to the 8 ounces of cabbage juice helped a LOT); and of course there were some fears and doubts from time to time, especially because my prostatitis symptoms continued to be a problem. It helped immensely that Jim and Larry were always there to answer questions and reassure me -- except on the weekends, of course. So my 40 days were completed on August 24th, and a new blood test done the following day showed me that my fears and doubts had been groundless: my PSA has dropped 95 percent, to 0.4, and my Free PSA has risen to 27 percent! The last step will be a trip back to the urologist to get another DRE (aren't they fun?), but with such spectacular results I have no doubt that'll be normal and I'll get an all-clear.

Bottom line: if you're willing to see your high PSA as a wake-up call like I did, and if you're willing to religiously follow the prostate protocol, I have no doubt your results will be very positive. Talk with Jim and Larry even briefly and you'll realize that they're on a God-given mission to help you become healthy; you just have to be willing to grab a hold of the opportunity.

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From: H Brown, United Kingdom

Title: PSA Dropped 95 percent

I am overwhelmed with the great result of the PC HOPE capsules I got from you. My PSA was 13.8. Eleven(11) weeks ago my urologist had diagnosed hyperplasia after 2 biopsies were done. I have been on Terasozin 5mg. for 4 years with no response. I got a friend of mine whose was visiting the states to buy me 2 bottles. Now that I have completed the 2 bottles my PSA dropped from 13.8 to 1.2.First time in 5 years. I am so happy words cannot explain. Thank you --Thank you --Thank you very much.

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From: Keven Lynch, Arrowtown, New Zealand

Title: Keep My Sense of Humour - But Lose My Sense of Tumour!

I am a comedian/musician in the Corporate market as Len the Loser and also the composer/producer of the New Zealand musical Rush! So I have many exciting things happening in my life. In fact I decided I am too busy to have cancer!

After a routine medical check up for my 56th birthday in May I was told that my PSA level was 21.7 when I went back for the results. I had never done a prostate check before so didn?t fully understand. Another test confirmed this PSA result plus a digital examination led to the biopsy on 4th June 2004.This confirmed ?serious extensive cancer? with all eight samples being cancerous. After a bone scan in July it showed that the cancer had also spread to my bones. I was informed that hormone treatment was my only option.

I decided that I had caused the cancer to be there so I was sure I could get rid of it without the "first option" of medical intervention. I went to the internet and typed in "prostate cancer + cures" and discovered PC Hope at www.nutrition2000.com The testimonials excited both myself and my wife and we talked with Larry in the USA the next morning. We were both absolutely committed to follow the natural vitamins & supplements plus diet as promoted by Nutrition 2000.

It took approx 20 days for the products to get to me. But I also immediately committed to a strict de-toxing, water drinking, diet and exercise regime. I realized that my immune system needed a lot of help. On top of this I practised relaxation and visualization techniques, listened to motivational CD?s plus consulted a naturopath and cranial osteopath. My wife as an ex - nurse did lots of reading and research and was a huge part in the process. We both simply refused to believe that I couldn?t get rid of the cancer. We were determined to give 110 percent to get rid of it.

After 44 days on the PC Hope regime I went back to the oncologist with a reading of 2.7 PSA - down from 41 after the biopsy! He put this down to ?lab error? and wanted to give me immediate hormone treatment. I refused and asked for another PSA test. This reading [one week after the ?lab error?] came back in at 1.3!!

??t. Two weeks later .my PSA is now 0.6!! My Oncologist and GP have now confirmed that there is no need for any medical treatment apart from a further bone scan in November to confirm that the bone cancer has gone. They both fully expect it to have disappeared.

In summary:-

1st June - PSA 21.7

4th June - PSA 41 after biopsy confirmation

5th June - started de-toxing, water drinking, diet and exercise regime with visualization etc.

18th June - Naturopath/ Cranial treatments

22 June - started PC Hope regime

23 July - bone scan confirmed cancer in bones

23 July - PSA 2.7 [oncologist -?lab error?]

26 July - PSA 1.3

11 Aug - PSA 0.6

I have also done away with Losec which I had been taking for years and have ?fixed? my reflux problem Plus I have lost 12cm off my middle - in fact I have never felt fitter and better!

However I am amazed at the lack of interest shown by the medical profession at my approach to curing myself naturally. My case need NOT be a rarity and I am convinced that natural healing techniques should at least be suggested as a possible option in the first instance. It will not suit everybody but it sure beats being cut, burnt or poisoned.

I am keen to talk to anybody who finds my approach a little different and strongly suggest having a look at PC Hope at www.nutrition2000.com

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