Hippocrates Oath:
"First Do No Harm"

(e.g. surgery, radiation, hormone therapy, and even most pharmaceuticals can have devastating side effects).

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Frequently Asked Questions - Candida & Diet

QUESTION: How will I know it's [Diet] working?

ANSWER: After being on the program at least thirty day, your appetite, and cravings will fade away, fluid retention will no longer be an issue, energy levels will increase, weight will begin to fall off.

QUESTION: Why am I bloated all the time?

ANSWER: When candida causes a "leaky gut" and particles of yeast, fungus and food escape into your body cavity, fluid retention is the body's attempt to dilute the irritants. But as you get candida under control, those leaks seal themselves off and your body lets go of its protective water weight.

QUESTION: Why does my metabolism slow down?

ANSWER: As your body battles the effects of that leaky gut, it releases substances proven to slow metabolism and inhibit the body's ability to burn fat stores. Candida also destroys nutrients that naturally boost the metabolic rate. And as immunity is compromised and fatigue sets in, you become less active, causing your metabolism to plummet even further.

QUESTION: What causes Candida Overgrowth?

ANSWER: It primarily occurs when we accidentally kill off too much of the "friendly bacteria" that keep candida in check.

QUESTION: What causes the "friendly bacteria" to die off?

ANSWER: Common killers of friendly bacteria include antibiotics, steroids, like cortisone, birth-control pills, estrogen replacement therapy, stress, caffeine, and alcohol. A single does of antibiotics raises yeast levels in the body, and most of us get dozens of doses over the years.

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