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Candida Testimonials

Every day we talk with customers who are healing from Candida symptoms which include Chronic Fatigue, Yeast Infections, Bladder Infections, Irritable Bowel and Rashes to name just a few. We've published a few of them here for you to read. There are far too many every day to publish all that we hear, so this is just a sampling we share with you today.

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From: Lisa Sachs


I just wanted to thank you for all your patience, guidance, and knowledge shared with me. Here is my testimonial that you can share with others:

Due to chronic urinary tract infections, I was taking antibiotics on a daily basis for over ten years. (even before the urinary problem, I had a serious car accident that required heavy duty antibiotic use) All those pills prescribed by doctors ate away my good bacteria to the point where I suffered from chronic yeast infections. I used over the counter medications which seemed to work in the beginning, but after years of antibiotics the creams failed to help at all. Then I was given scripts of Diflucan which seemed to help for awhile, but the yeast infections just came right back. I was depressed over it because there didn't seem to be an answer to my problems. Before I read Debra's testimonial on the net, I was convinced that I had no choice but to take the antibiotics (to prevent the u.t.i.'s). I was doubtful when she said that the silver living water and the Rephe Flora caps would not only cure me of my yeast infections, but would also cure me of the u.t.i.'s. To my amazement, with the proper diet, IT REALLY WORKED!!!! I'm a skeptic and Debra was great with answering all my questions and concerns. She sincerely wanted to help me and did! These products have turned my life around and they come strongly recommended. Thanks again Debra!

Lisa Sachs

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From: F. Smith, the Mother of A. Gustafson in VA


I received you phone message yesterday asking about Adam. Thanks for your concern. He is doing GREAT!!! He had cramping after taking the medicine for about 2 weeks but said it was only right after taking it and he could feel the pain was moving down into the intestines. After about a week he had NO pain after eating. He is starting to eat bigger meals with no problems. He started working out about 5 days after taking the medicine. His energy level is good again and he said after about 2 days the pain in his back went away. Thank you so much for your help and knowledge. He said last week he was still going to the bathroom a lot so I assume that was a good sign!!

I think he has about 10 more days to take it and then hopefully he won't have any more problems. I am so thankful that I continues to search the internet in hopes of finding help. It was just pure luck that I clicked on to your website and that you were able to talk to Adam personally. I am convinced that God was working through all of this!!

Adam is coaching a swim team 2 hours a day and will head back to the University of Kentucky to take 2 classes in May. I regret that I wasn't able to find help for him earlier so he could have continued with his semester but I have truly enjoyed having him home and getting to know him again!!!

Thanks again for your help and I'll stay in touch as his health continues to improve!!

F. Smith

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From: TESTIMONY from R.P., 26 year old male from Illinois


Before I called I was experiencing: Bloating and discomfort to the point that I would rather not eat. I Had dry cracking skin that would not heal and a rash that looked like hives on my side that would not go away. I had chronic ringing in my ears and had inner ear infections at least twice a year. I had head aches every morning. I was on a low fat diet and no matter how much I would work out I just kept gaining weight. I had fatty tumors that just kept popping up all over my body and just kept growing.

My doctors had been telling me it was an ulser and put me on nexium that didn't help. I went back to the doctor to see if he could find anything else but again he just refilled my nexium prescription.

Once I started taking the products I noticed a change. I started on Candiment Vermamint, Flora, the Silver Living Water and Essiac tea. The very next morning I looked like I had lost 10 pounds over night. I wasn't bloated and my skin had started to heal. I stuck to the diet suggestions that Debra shared with me and the results have been great. I feel great and I'm in all around better health

After just about one week, I began to notice that: I had dropped about 10 pounds, the rash an my side was dissapearing, and it didn't hurt to eat anymore. After about a month I am down 20 pounds and I have no more rash. My fatty tumors have all gone away and I feel great

Thank you

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From: D. Szymczak


I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to you for helping me out with getting the herbal remedies that you sent to me. I would like to know what it is that you would recommend to me to continue to take for a maintenance plan for keeping Candida and the Giardia from my body. I have experienced a significant difference with the remedies already and its' only been two days. I thank you once again for the help that you have given me. Please let me know what you recommend for me.

Love and God Bless, D. Szymczak

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