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Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery
By: Bradley Hennenfent, M.D.

"Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery" is filled with cartoons and simple diagrams and is written for the average layperson in easy-to-understand style.

"Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery" quotes Dr. Gary Onik, M.D., Cryosurgeon and Director of Surgical Imaging at Celebration Health Hospital, Celebration, Florida, who says:

"I expect that within five years we will see the death of the radical prostatectomy as a treatment for prostate cancer."

"Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery" quotes oncologist Dr. Robert Leibowitz of Compassionate Oncology Medical Group, who says:

“If radical prostatectomies worked, the data would be there. The reason the data is not there is because radical prostatectomies don’t work.” Dr. Leibowitz adds: "No prospective randomized trial has ever found radical prostatectomy to be both necessary and effective.”

Urologist W. Reid Pitts, Jr., M.D., FACS, wrote an outstanding letter-to-the-editor of the Journal of Urology lambasting the radical prostatectomy. When interviewed for "Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery", Dr. Pitts said:

“Although I did the first ever nerve sparing radical prostatectomy at New York-Cornell Hospital, I’ve abandoned the radical prostatectomy for my prostate cancer patients. There is always a better treatment option. Urologists need to tell the truth and do what’s right based on the medical literature. It’s a mistake that urologists don’t give up their patients unless it’s a hopeless situation, when clearly the patients that are being operated on could be better served by other therapies.”

The author of "Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery", Bradley Hennenfent, M.D., who has seen five uncles suffer prostate cancer, explains what he would do if he had prostate cancer in order to preserve both the quality of his life and the length of his life. Dr. Hennenfent discusses what causes prostate cancer, how it can be prevented, and how it is diagnosed. Dr. Hennenfent teaches treatments such as watchful waiting, active non-invasive therapy, herbal therapies, cryotherapy, radiation therapy, radiation seed implants, estrogen, and hormone blockade. Dr. Hennenfent also explains the problem of lies, damn lies, and prostate cancer treatment statistics.
“According to the randomized controlled studies we have today, the radical prostatectomy does not extend the lifespan of the prostate cancer patient. We do know; however, that radical surgery always harms men with its side effects.” – Dr. Bradley Hennenfent

Dr. Hennenfent is a prostate health activist. He co-founded the Prostatitis Foundation (Prostatitis.org). He founded the Internet newsgroup sci.med.prostate.cancer, and was one of the original founders of the Internet’s Prostate Problems Mailing List (PPML). He also founded the Epididymitis Foundation (EpididymitisFoundation.org). He previously published The Prostatitis Syndromes. Prostatitis means inflammation of the prostate, and Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery quotes urologist Ronald Wheeler, M.D., of the Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer Center, who says:

“In my opinion, prostatitis resolution holds the key to the future of prostate cancer resolution.”

"Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery" explains how Western medicine is supposed to be based upon randomized controlled studies and makes clear how such studies are used to arrive at the truth.

Dr. Hennenfent points out that the radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer failed to extend life in a randomized controlled study with 23 years of follow-up published by the Veteran’s Administration Cooperative Urological Research Group.(1) Even more damaging for surgeons, he describes the failure of the radical prostatectomy to extend life in a larger randomized controlled study published by the New England Journal of Medicine.(2)

The facts behind prostate cancer have never been explained better. There are many uplifting stories about successfully treating prostate cancer with watchful waiting, active non-invasive therapy, PC-SPES, radiation therapy, radiation seed implants, 3-dimensional radiation therapy, combined precision irradiation, cryotherapy, estrogen, prostate cancer vaccines, and hormone blockade. "Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery" should be studied, cover-to-cover, by every man suffering from prostate cancer. It’s the new bible for prostate cancer support groups as every treatment for localized prostate cancer is covered as never before. Once you look at the cartoons and diagrams, read the preface and chapter one: “The Big Lie,” you’ll be hooked.

“Today, scientific studies show that there is always a less harmful way than surgery to treat prostate cancer. Patients should be seeking watchful waiting, active non-invasive therapy, herbal medications, cryotherapy, radiation therapy, radiation seed implants, 3-dimensional radiation therapy, combined precision irradiation, prostate cancer vaccines, estrogen, and other therapies.” – Dr. Bradley Hennenfent

As the back cover says: Buy this book, save your health, and maybe your life.





Bradley Hennenfent, M.D.
Photo of Bradley Hennenfent, M.D, author of Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery.



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