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PC Hope for Prostate Health

Nutrition 2000 makes no claims as to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness.

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  • Helps alleviate symptoms associated with prostatitis, BPH, elevated PSA and all stages of prostate cancer.

  • Naturally promotes healthy prostate gland, bladder and kidney functions.

  • Shown to reduce PSAs and inhibit tumor growth in men who are refractory and have metastatic cancer. [Research by Urology Clinic, Trostberg Germany and Aeskulap Cancer Center, Brunnen Switzerland]

  • Shown to extend survival of people with pancreatic cancer.  Research by Dr. R.E. Schwartz


Product Description

The statistics are shocking and seem to be even more significant with the advent of the baby boomers reaching there 40's.  The number of men with Metastatic Prostate Cancer problems over age 40 is now about 60%, with men over the age of 50 accounting for 75% of all Surviving Metastatic Prostate Cancer.  The Prostate is the source of most problems with the male genitourinary system.  Nearly every man over the age of forty-five will have some enlargement of the prostate.  Most prostate problems don't become troublesome until a man reaches the age of sixty. The search for a natural remedy for prostate problems have taken giant steps in the past few years. PC Hope™  is specifically formulated with all-natural ingredients that have clinically been shown to alleviate symptoms associated with Surviving Metastatic Prostate Cancer, without many of the side effects associated with conventional medications and treatments.

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

  1. What is PC Hope?

    PC Hope" is specifically formulated with all-natural ingredients that have been successfully used by men around the world for relief of prostatitis, BPH, elevated PSAs and all stages of Surviving Metastatic Prostate Cancer, without many of the side effects associated with conventional medications and treatments.

    Research by the Urology Clinic in Trostberg Germany and the Aeskulap Cancer Center in Brunnen Switzerland suggests that the herbal formulation in PC Hope results in lower PSAs as well as inhibit tumor growth in men who are in refractory and those with metastatic cancer. Further research by Dr. R.E. Schwartz concludes that PC Hope extended survival of people with pancreatic cancer.

  2. Can PC Hope be used with surgery, radiation and/or conventional Hormone Therapy?

    Yes, although these procedures are risky and fraught with harmful side effects. Most men would find it beneficial to utilize a program which utilizes non-invasive means of controlling prostate cancer.

  3. Should PC Hope be used as the sole product for combating Prostate Cancer?

    NO. In his book "BEATING PROSTATE CANCER WITH NUTRITION," PhD Patrick Quillin notes research which strongly shows that there are no "silver bullets" when it comes to fighting cancer of any type. Nutrients have a synergistic effect. This means that they work better in conjunction than they do alone. While this is an advantage which PC Hope takes full use of Surviving Metastatic Prostate Cancer, it makes no sense to omit other nutrients and natural compounds which have proven benefits in the battle against prostate cancer. Unfortunately, due to scientific bias, most research being done with nutrients is being done with a single nutrient. This leads to a diminished value of nutrients as a viable regimen for both prevention and cure all diseases. Research does show compelling data that an array of nutrients is beneficial for beating cancer and Mr. Quillin makes the statement that "a well nourished cancer patient is better able to manage and defeat the disease."


  4. Are there proven programs for prostate cancer?

    YES. Clients have reported positive feedback after taking PC Hope with numerous other compounds along with following a strict diet tailored to fight Prostate Cancer. Thousands of men have safely and effectively employed our products with, before and after conventional treatments.



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This book provides the powerful message that prayer changes things.  Dr. Lonnell Johnson's personal testimony provides a unique strategy of how faith, prayer along with our Prostate Cancer Protocol allowed him to defeat prostate cancer. 
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