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We canít promise you that our program will cure your cancer, but please consider the following

1)  We have helped thousands of people with Cancer and many have testimonies listed on our web site and many have referred family and friends to us. Many have remained on the maintenance program for years and many have completed the protocol with great results and we never hear from again.

2)  We have never caused long term disability such as incontinence and impotence.

3)  Studies show that delaying any conventional treatment such as surgery or radiation will not affect the eventual outcome of those treatments. Therefore, even if our program fails to help you, you will not be penalized. Most of our clients who do opt to proceed with conventional treatments, wile they are few, do relate to us how amazed their doctors are at how well they do.






Each Protocol includes several neutraceutical products and a a set of instructions on how/when to take products.  Upon receipt of the  Cancer Protocol, we ask that clients read over the material before calling with any questions.  Consultations are FREE, therefore, once you start the Cancer Protocol, we encourage client's to call/email us as often as needed, but recommend clients stay in contact every 10 to 12 days.  Our goal is to make sure that clients are taking products and following their diet correctly.


Phase I, II, III will last 30 days each after you have been on the protocol for a total of 90 days you may want to get a new blood work.  Depending on the results of the test and your own individual condition. Adjustments will be made to suit your individual circumstances.


Client testimonials reported great improvements in overall health, i after being on the program. Client's have reported  health markers that reflect cardiovascular improvement as well as an array of other symptoms either improved or vanished.

We also encourage you to get other diagnostic test such as MRI and the new color doplar ultra sound etc. Keep in mind that research has proven that  cancer is influenced by the different aspects of this program and you should expect to get good results.


If you have cancer, you are full of toxins. These can be microbial or chemical in nature. As you release these for elimination from your body, you might feel some nausea or mild flu like symptoms. These should pass in a few days. Call us if they persist as you might be detoxifying too rapidly. You can also expect some rather remarkable positive effects that are not related to cancer, these are things like lower blood pressure, better cholesterol readings, lower C Reactive Protein levels, lower homocysteine and weight loss. Many people report less pain from arthritis and cancer related pain, more energy and vitality. These are normal responses and you should not be surprised when you get similar results.


Please call 1-800-558-9697 we will be happy to explain the price of the protocol and what you may expect to spend for the maintenance  products.

Note: If you prefer we auto-ship Phase II and Phase III of the Protocol, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-558-9697 (US RESIDENTS ONLY) or 334 347 7900 (NON US RESIDENTS).


You can fill out an assessment for a consultant to contact you or  contact us by dialing 1-800-558-9697 (US RESIDENTS) or 334 347 7900 (NON US RESIDENTS) for a consultant to enroll you over the phone. You may also purchase Phase I online. 


Due to high call volume, please read about the objectives, costs, etc of our Cancer Protocols before contacting our office. Submit the following information ONLY if are you serious about dealing with  Cancer a.  Our consultants only offer FREE CONSULTATIONS to those who are willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes that will lead to the road to recovery.


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Cancer is a disease which results only after a failure of the immune system. AIDS victims donít die of aids, they die of something a healthy person with a fully functioning immune system would have been able to fight off. The immune system can be overwhelmed with pathogens, chemical exposure or it can be missing key nutrients which it needs to function. For example, the immune system takes less than two dozen amino acids and can make over 5,000 different protein structures with which to fight off infections and eliminate cancer from your body. A shortage of just one essential amino acid will severely limit the number of immune structures the body can make. Needed also are other nutrients which enable your immune system to fully engage cancer. A shortage of one will again limit your immune response and enable a tumor to grow and spread in your body.


Cancer needs a body which is acid, the reason is simple. Cancer metabolizes energy differently than a normal cell. A normal cell needs fuel that the body metabolizes from the food you eat, it is referred to as ATP. Another thing a normal cell needs is oxygen. Think of your car, it needs gasoline and it also needs air. A dirty or clogged air filter will cause your car to run poorly and eventually stop. Now think of a rocket, it wonít run on gasoline and doesnít need oxygen, if it did then it would die and fall back to earth as soon as it left the atmosphere. Cancer operates in tissues that are void of oxygen and an acid body provides such tissue. A case in point is acid rain that is created by industrial and automobile emissions. These wastes create the acid rain that falls on the pristine lakes of Canada and Alaska and kills the fish. The rain isnít acid enough to actually burn the fish however, what it does is acidify the water enough that the oxygen is bound to the water molecules and the fish suffocate from lack of available oxygen. Dr. Otto Warberg won two Nobel Prizes for showing that oxygen levels could determine the fate of healthy cells. If the oxygen levels get too low, sometimes they die but sometimes, they adapt to their environment and become cancers.


The body has an estimated 100 trillion cells that needs an array of nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes and hundreds if not thousands of phyto chemicals called flavanoids. In order to get the nutrients needed to regain optimal health one has to consume foods with these nutrients in them, To get these nutrients, you have to do more than eat 3 squares a day. Eating properly is the foundation but you must juice and supplement your diet to have any chance of getting all the nutrients you need to regain your health.


You are toxic. All of us are. Studies show new born babies have high chemical exposure even before they are born. We are being bombarded with thousands of chemicals. They are in the air, water and food. Many have never been tested for safety and many are known to cause cancer and are illegal to use. That doesnít mean you arenít exposed to them. DDT was banned 50 years ago but it is commonly found in tissue samples because it and most other chemicals take decades to breakdown. They eventually find their way into our water and food. The EPA states that there no sources of clean water in the northern hemisphere. Then there are microbes such as bacteria, viruses and fungus that are found in our bodies by the trillions, they must be controlled and eliminated and then there are parasites. Think you donít have parasites, think again. All of us do, not only do we have large ones in our bodies that can be seen but we have microscopic ones that come from water, pets, vegetables and the meat we eat.


Once the body is brought into a proper Ph, you must breath in enough fresh air via brisk exercise and eating foods which have a high chlorophyll content for starters. This also helps eliminate carbon dioxide waste which is acidic and it enables the lymph system to function. It bears repeating that oxygen is essential for normal cellular metabolism and it acts in a very detrimental fashion toward tumors. The problem with oxygen is that its like fire, it has a dark side. It will cause damage to cells by producing an oxidative response known as free radicals. Again, the good lord has provided a natural response in nutrients we refer to as antioxidants. These must be consumed or the DNA of the cell may be damaged to the point that it will produce a cancerous cell.


Research from around the world has shown that you donít have to slash, poison and burn cancer to kill it. A shark is deadly, but it needs a certain environment to survive. Put it in fresh water and it will die, cut it off from its source of food and it will die, catch it and put it on the deck of a boat and it will die. Research has shown and thousands of men can attest that tumors can shrink and the body can eliminate them. Literally hundreds of herbs, vitamins, minerals and natural chemical compounds have been proven to halt the growth and cause the cancer cell to commit suicide in a process known as apoptosis. We are not claiming to cure cancer, just reporting that scientist from around the world say that natural compounds can. It must be noted that in many cases, a tumor may become undetectable after someone has undergone medical and or the approaches we employ to fight cancer, only to see another tumor return. Anyone who has or has ever had a tumor large enough to be detected in their body must be forever vigilant for its return. It does stand to reason that a body which eliminated a tumor utilizing its God given power and having a functional immune system with plenty of oxygen and antioxidants is less likely to have another one than the body who killed his tumor via poison (chemo), fire (radiation) or slashing (cutting out with a scaple). That body has not eliminated any toxins, it has not increased its oxygen levels, it has not empowered its immune system. It has left in place the very conditions which fostered the development of the first or primary tumor.

  • DIET

See  NUTRITION PAGE, you can find it by going to our home page and clicking on  NUTRITION in the left hand margin.


It would be nice and convenient if you could get everything you need for optimal health from your local grocery store but this is impossible. To get the nutrients such as essential fatty acids, minerals, herbal compounds, enzymes and thousands of Gods specially formulated chemical compounds (phyto chemicals), you have to supplement your diet wit these nutrients. Our program starts by providing over two dozen of the highest quality nutreceutical formulations from around the world. So what is a nutreceutical? A nutreceutical is a food substance or part of a food that provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention or treatment of disease. They are naturally occurring compounds found in plants, alga's, microbials, and other biological sources that support specific bodily health functions. Nutreceuticals are thought to have their greatest influence in preventative medicine (I.e. cancer) and for the treatment of chronic diseases. By eating the foods we recommend and taking the supplements we provide, you will literally consume thousands of nutrients each day which will support your effort to heal like nothing else you can do for yourself. Doesnít it stand to reason that your body has the intrinsic ability to heal itself? You grew from two cells into 100 trillion by eating and drinking and breathing! How many times have you been sick and you just got well, how many cuts and scrapes that just healed. Ever had a broken bone? Your body is miraculous beyond your ability to understand, it is not a machine that needs parts changed when they wear out. Your body is self regulating and healing providing it is given the opportunity. If you need a complete list of the NUTRITION 2000 PROTOCOL, contact a consultant at 1-800-558-9697.


Fill bathtub with hot water, as hot as one can tolerate to get into.  Pour 3 cups of Epsom Salt into tub along with a 16 oz. bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide (the whole bottle). Also add 1 small box of Baking Soda into tub.  Stir and sit in tub until the water starts getting cold (approximately 15 to 20 minutes).  Do this every day for 10 days straight, then do it every other day until further notice. This will help eliminate toxins, raise your Ph and you will absorb beneficial nutrients such as magnesium. This will also give you an opportunity to  pray and meditate.


Drink three 8 oz. glasses of freshly prepared vegetable juice per day, more if you desire. If you donít have a quality juicer, we highly recommend you go to a retail outlet that sells them and purchase one. A good one sells for around $100 and they are indispensable to this program and to your health. Even if you thoroughly chew your vegetables, you only get less than 50% of the available nutrients, by juicing you will get over 90%. You will also get more nutrients by avoiding the bulk of the whole vegetable. It is true that you will lose the fiber but you should get more than enough if you follow the program. Go to our home page and click on  Nutrition to get instructions on the juicing program and the vegetables to use.


Exercise with moderation, movement, oxygen intake and sunshine is the goal. Do what you are able, try to break a sweat and increase your respiration. Sweating will help kill microbes, it is an artificial fever and this is why the body produces a fever in the first place. The movement will enable the lymph system to circulate and eliminate its store of toxins. You will be oxygenating the body and expelling carbon dioxide in the process.


Try to incorporate this into your exercise program, you need to absorb sunshine. Research shows you get more vitamin D conversion, with sweat on your skin.  cancer is often referred to as a Vitamin D deficiency disease. The less exposure to the sun you get, the greater your risk of getting  cancer.


Hundreds of studies show prayer and/or meditation is good for your health. You will live longer if you are active in your church according to research, it was reported that people who attend church at least once per week have a 25% lower mortality rate than those who donít. Lone wolves are not as likely to survive any life threatening illness as those who have a good support system of friends and faith that all things worketh for the good of those who love the lord and are called unto his purpose.


Drink only distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water while on the protocol. Reverse osmosis is usually identified as purified, according to EPA every natural source of water in North America is contaminated. You can add 1tbs spoon of baking soda to 1 gal of distilled water to raise the PH. You cannot reach your PH goal by drinking acid water. Caution should be taken not to drink alkalized water with or just before a meal, as it will neutralize stomach acids and impair digestion. Plenty of water will not only hydrate the cells of the body, but it will aid in the elimination of toxins and enable the blood to bring vital oxygen to the tissues.


 We donít necessarily recommend that you remove amalgam fillings, because of the risk of doing more harm than good, but we do strongly suggest that you have your teeth cleaned, fill any cavities and avoid root canals. These are a major source of infection entering the blood stream. Any sign of tooth or gum infection should be dealt with as you are constantly swallowing saliva that will carry this infection into your blood stream and cause the immune system to work overtime to eliminate these toxins. This also results in elevated levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) and explains one reason why periodontal disease could be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and cancer, according to a new study in the Journal of Periodontology. Periodontal disease may cause oral bacteria to enter the bloodstream and trigger the liver to make proteins such as CRP that inflame arteries and clot blood, which can lead to heart attacks. CRP levels identify those patients whose inflammations systems respond most actively to stimuli.


Castor oil helps the liver to function so that estrogen is metabolized. Use only cold pressed castor oil and wool flannel cloth (white), you can rub some oil directly over the liver and then soak the piece of flannel with oil and place it over the liver. Place some plastic wrap over the cloth and apply a heating pad for one hour. Do this each day for two weeks and then every other day. This will also reduce cholesterol levels and enable the liver to remove other toxins from the body. Note* You can reuse the cloth several times by placing it in a freezer bag. It will eventually turn a dark color and then you can discard it.

RESEARCH: Research is being conducted from around the world and new discoveries in treatment modalities for both the prevention and treatment of  cancer are constantly being made and reported on the internet, medical journals, books and news releases. While we donít have research facilities, we do have access to many of them through the information they release. We also have developed professional relationships with many doctors and research scientist from around the world. When new research is made known to us and we verify that it is beneficial to you, we alter the protocol to reflect these new findings. We have a report on research highlights and findings which show hundreds of nutritional compounds to be effective in the prevention and treatment of  cancer.

For More Information or to speak to a Consultant, call


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