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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) can be caused by a virus or by the body's over-reaction and continued reaction to a viral invasion that is already run its course.  If CFS is due to an actual virus, SurCan can help you recover in a few days, but if CFS is due to an imam system that will not shut off, SurCan will not help.


More study is need in this area so your own feelings may be good indication.  With that said, the most accepted belief is that, for viruses, SurCan should be taken for one month.  If symptoms reappear, it is usually the last of the virus trying to repopulate.  Start taking SurCan again for one month.  It may take three months, but ground is not lost by stopping and waiting for another viral rally because the viruses are more vunerable when they leave their dormant state and try and reproduce.

Nutrition 2000 feels that SurCan should be taken for six months, but they manufacture it and this does not give you an opportunity to evaluate the effects of taking SurCan


SHAKE WELL.  It is important to shake the bottle of SurCan well in order to help dissolve some of the ingredients which tend to settle on the bottom.  Avoid eating for 15 minutes before or after taking SurCan.  Reducing the amount or frequency of SurCan makes it completely ineffective as a treatment or preventative.


Take a quarter of a teaspoon of the SurCan liquid at exact intervals.  Increase the dose slightly if a person weights more than 250 pounds. 


Every FOUR hours but, double the dose right before the bed and skip the middle-of-the-night dose.  This means five doses a day with the last dose being one quarter a teaspoon.  DO NOT GO MORE THAN 6 HOURS WITHOUT A DOSE. If you sleep more than 6 hours, wake your morning dose, then go back to sleep. This schedule may be the most effective, but if every four hours is too difficult to manage, try the second schedule.


It is essential that SurCan be taken very regularly, therefore you may want to consider the following aids:

 A watch with a countdown timer such that when the alarm goes off and you press any button to turn off, the timer starts again automatically.   The only way to turn off the timer/alarm is with a more complicated command.

A kitchen timer that allows you to set the time in one hour increments as well as minutes.  Use this timer when the patient may be asleep when it is time for the next dose.


There are two methods of ingesting SurCan into the system: the dilution method or the sublingual method. Utilize either method or alternate.  Regardless of the ingestion method you choose, drink large amount of distilled water throughout the day.

Dilution Method:
Add each dose of SurCan to a small amount of liquid such as distilled water.  If mixed in distilled water it is not necessary to consume immediately.  You can make up a 24 hour and sip it frequently thoughout the day (but never exceed 6 hours in between doses).  The advantage of the dilution method is that the strong metallic You can mix SurCan with "good" water in advance.  Do not use tap water before the chlorine can interfere with SurCan.  Mixing with water is most useful for taking it at night because the mixture can sit for hours very little evaporation especially if covered.  It is not necessary to mix SurCan with anything, but an ounce of a water takes the bite out of its taste.

Sublingual Method:
Place the dosage of SurCan under the tongue.  Hold for as long as possible - for a maximum of 20 minutes, then swallow!  The advantage of this method is that the formula enters the bloodstream more rapidly.  The disadvantage is the unpleasant metallic taste and the fact that your teeth may become discolored.  Note: If you teeth become discolored, brush them with a paste made of baking soda and 3% hypdrogen peroxide.  Then, rinse your mouth with a saturated salt solution.


  1. Using the same dose as above, insert the dropper or syringe just past the rectal muscle

  2. Take about five seconds to dispense the SurCan.

  3. Avoid bowel movements for at least 20 minutes.


Take protein to support the action of SurCan.  Only meat and eggs are a complete protein.


Avoid alcohol.  Be careful of soy beans, they prevent the body from absorbing minerals.  Since you must avoid Selenium you can't take mineral supplements which are necessary if you eat significant amounts of soy.


Germanium seems to boost the anti viral effects of SurCan.  While some sources suggest a dose of 100mg taken three times a day, there are currently no human trials completed or planned for AIDS or HIV-related illness, so the efficacy of the dosage of Germanium are unknown.  


High Concentrations of the following substances have been known to interfere with SurCan (naturally occurring quantities in food has not caused any problems):

Vitamin C & E
CoEnzyme Q10

The following counter the effects of SurCan:

Essiac Herbal Tea
Ozone Treatments
Flaxseed Oil - IP6

It is suggested that herbs be discontinued because it is unknown how they will react to SurCan.  Memorize the list of vitamins to avoid.  Taking vitamins that interfere with SurCan is the most common mistake.


If SurCan upsets a person's stomach, SurCan ban be taken rectally.

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