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Pancreatic Cancer

"Research shows PC-Hope to be Effective in Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer"

Research conducted by Dr. R.E. Schwartz has shown that PC-HOPE™

  1. mediates potent antiproliferation effects against an array of Pancreatic Cancer cells in vitro
  2. is toxic to pancreatic cancer cells
  3. caused pancreatic cancer cell induced toxicity which was consistent with apoptotic cell death in vitro
  4. may also prove useful as a radiation sensitizer, thus making it beneficial as both monotherapy and combination therapy
The conclusion of the study was that PC-HOPE led to a significant survival advantage. The study was presented at a meeting of the 2004 Gastrointestinal Cancer Symposium

PC-HOPE is an herbal supplement that has been used successfully for years against prostate cancer, this research only validates its cancer potential. This said however, Nutrition 2000 has learned that any procedure or treatment modality that does not address the whole body is doomed to ultimate failure. This is due to the recognition of cancer as a disease which cause is multifactorial. These factors must be addressed and corrected individually or they will only support the growth of the present cancer or help establish another.

Please submit the following information ONLY if are you serious about dealing with Pancreatic Cancer and have read about our Pancreatic Cancer Protocol (click here for details).  Our consultants only offer FREE CONSULTATIONS to those who are willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes that will lead to the road to recovery.

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Recently Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer? Conventional Treatment no Longer Effective? There is Hope. Many people in your position are now living full and active lives. Click Here to read some of their testaments.

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