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People at risk for Breast Cancer


     Women with the following conditions or characteristics are at a higher-than-average risk for developing breast cancer.

Women (comprise over 99 percent of cases; men comprise under one percent)

  • Increasing age

  • History of cancer in one breast

  • History of benign breast disease

  • Never giving birth or first pregnancy after 30

  • Family history (first-degree relative) of breast cancer (significant for premenopausal women)

  • Early onset of menstruation and late menopause

  • Possibly, long-term oral contraceptive use (although this is controversial)

  • High doses of ionizing radiation before age 35

  • History of cancer of the colon, thyroid, endometrium, or ovar

  • Diet high in animal fat, excessive alcohol consumption, and,possibly, obesity

  • Alterations in certain genes

  • Breast implants


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Watch, Fight and Pray:
My Personal Strategy to Combat Prostate Cancer

By Lonnell Johnson, Ph.D

This book provides a powerful message that prayer changes things.  Dr. Lonnell Johnson's personal testimony provides a unique strategy of  how faith, prayer along with our Prostate Cancer Protocol allowed him to defeat prostate cancer. 
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Surviving Prostate Cancer without Surgery
By Bradley Hennenfent, M.D.

"Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery" by Bradley Hennenfent, M.D. (Roseville Books, 2005), begins with the shooting of a urologist and includes a WWII Battle. Men, and the women who love them, who want to avoid impotence and incontinence while beating prostate cancer, will adore "Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery", which reads like a novel and exposes the big lie.
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