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Pre-info to Larry Pope's book, "SOMEONE MUST TELL THE TRUTH" to be released soon!

My name is LARRY POPE. I must pre warn you that as you read this book, you will probably be as disappointed as you were when you discovered there was no such thing as "Santa Clause". Click Here for MUST READ Article “PROSTATE CANCER TREATMENTS-TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES”

For many, many years I have been helping men overcome prostate cancer. Contrary to what most people have been coached and coerced to believe and before GOD Almighty I tell you, "Prostate cancer can be controlled very well, even with a higher gleason of 8-9-10 and even if the cancerous cells have become hormonal independent and without surgery, radiation/seeds, proton, chemo and yes, but not least, hifu."

I have test results and the testimonies of numerous men over many years of time that proves and backs up this very bold statement. Test performed by the "medical system's" very own labs. Men whom have had one or more of the above treatments contact me on a daily basis. Within 17-36 months of the conventional treatments, the cancer comes back in over 90% of these men Click Here to Read In House Study of 151 Men (98% response) . This is very sad to report because, in reality, the cancerous cells never went away in the first place. The cancer was running in the bloodstream all this time.

Now the allopathic medical community will argue against this with their mounds of so called "studies". However, I would argue that if the cancer was not in the bloodstream all this time, why is the cancer back in a majority of men in such a short time? The very idea that removing tissue from the body, baking/burning, injecting/placing some seeds or injecting the prostate with some salt solution could or would eradicate prostate cancer is as barbaric a concept as starting a fire with a stick and a rock. Guess what? The stick and the rock are very, very profitable.

I want to make a statement that most of you reading this will find almost unbelievable: Prostate cancer growth can be stopped in over 98% of all men within 30 days. Yes, cancer growth can be stopped and retarded in 30 days.

I want to make one thing clear; I AM NOT ADVOCATING AN ABSOLUTE CURE HERE. As I said, stop and regress the growth and let you live a"normal life" as all these men have. I can and will truthfully state that I have never lost a Gleason 7 or below in all these many, many years I have been helping men with prostate cancer (providing they do not start with the ‘Medical Kevorkian Club’ first). Click Here for MUST READ Article “PROSTATE CANCER TREATMENTS-TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES”

It has been further proven, without a shadow of doubt, that if a man does nothing medically for prostate cancer, he will live the same amount of years, or longer, than the man who has “medical treatment” for his prostate cancer. He will also have a much better quality of life. I challenge any medical doctor or any other entity to prove me wrong using "truthful, unbiased stats and studies”. In fact, I beg any medical organization (the Johns Hopkins, Sloan Keatering, Loma Linda, prostate cancer centers around the world, etc) and any other of the so called ‘expert/state of the art’ facilities to compare their death rate and quality of life with the thousands of clients that I have helped around the world Read Client Testimonials. Of course, I have asked this in the past and it appears that the medical folks do not want to be embarrassed or exposed - maybe both. Many of these men had already experienced the horrors of the so called "recommended medical treatment" due to the lies and scare tactics used to pressure them and their families.

I plead with you, do not run out there and do anything that these medical folks coerce you to do-- REMEMBER; THEY PAY THEIR BILLS WITH YOUR LIFE AND AGONEY. Most of them live a very lavish life style. If you go to the urologist, they want to cut out your prostate and butcher your sex life and most men's "livelihood." If you go to the radiologist, they want to cook you. If you go to the Oncologist, they want to chemo/poison you. Come on men wake up!!!!!!! Please, be a shepherd - not a sheep! Get out of the Tooth Fairy/Santa belief system of lies and torture. Remember when the banks steal they cost you your money and livelihood, but the medical system could very well, cost you your life and livelihood. I am here to help you! Remember to look for my soon-to-be-released book. Get one for your friends and let's save lives and prostates together.

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