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This page is not intended to be construed as doctor bashing nor do we want to portray your doctor as being evil, but we do want to give you a realistic picture of today’s medical system and how your urologist has been trained. We will also point out that he/she may have information that they cannot give you, even though this information may be very helpful to you in your decision making process as to what options you have and how to best choose to deal with your prostate cancer. We will cover these issues by making the following points.

Point # 1: Doctors are not free to give you advice about any treatment or modality that is not approved by the American Medical Association. A case in point is as recently as October 3, 2004, a Columbia S.C. doctor was brought before the states medical board in a move to suspend his license, not because he botched a surgical procedure and left someone impotent, but because he gave a “dying” patient information about testosterone therapy. The news article did not say he even prescribed testosterone therapy, but that he gave the dying patient information. The medical board said “he acceptable standard of care in such cases is to reduce, not supplement, testosterone levels”. If you were dying and there was research which showed a significant number of men who have prostate cancer have low levels of testosterone to begin with and that by balancing testosterone and estrogen levels via supplementing with a testosterone precursor DHEA. Many men in the study had significant improvement. There is a book titled RACKETEERING IN MEDICINE, THE SUPPRESSION OF ALTERNATIVES” by James P. Carter M.D., which anyone who doubts that many doctors have indeed lost their license and have been labeled as quacks because they dared to think for themselves and step across the line drawn by the medical establishment, even in light of the fact that many of their patients were significantly healthier and research was available to support their actions. There is another constraint on doctors and that is the insurance industry. Doctors are terrified about being sued, and therefore carry what is known as medical malpractice insurance. If a doctor is sued while performing a procedure or giving medical advice that is deemed acceptable by the medical establishment and you are injured or die as a result of the treatment you received, his insurance will protect him. If he say’s or does anything that is not approved by the American Medical Association, he is guilty of an offence that is not covered by his malpractice policy and he will be personally responsible for any verdict.

Point # 2: Your doctor has no financial interest in telling you about alternatives to surgery or radiation. Doctors need to generate enormous sums of money to cover their overhead, pay for insurance, repay the huge debt they incurred during medical school. Most doctors also have a lavish lifestyle which requires a large cash flow. An article in the Washington Post reported that the average cost of treating prostate cancer by conventional medical means was $30,000 for treatment the first year.. Once you get into any modality prescribed by your doctor (surgery, radiation, or hormone therapy) you can expect to undergo more than one treatment, for example, most men who have surgery will eventually undergo radiation seed implants and then hormone therapy as well. Add to this the many drugs you will be prescribed and the cost can easily exceed $100,000.00. This is the reason a University of Florida study cited for getting a second opinion before agreeing to any procedure after you are diagnosed with prostate cancer..

Point # 3: Prostate surgery is very dangerous to your health. According to an article by Reuters News September14, 2004, a study of nearly 1000 men who had either surgery or radiation for prostate cancer, had sexual (impotence/erectile dysfunction), urinary (wearing diapers) or bowel dysfunction 5 years after they were treated. The study concluded that all men can expect at least temporary dysfunction, if not permanent. Dr Lefevre was quoted as saying “a significant number of men can be expected to die as a result of prostate surgery”, he went on to say that “we need advancements in treatment modalities that significantly reduce the risk imposed by current available approaches”. In fact the ramifications of treatment by your doctor are so bad that many doctors are advocating that you simply ignore the prostate cancer for as long as you can. The cure is worse than the disease. A Swedish study concluded that many men actually benefit by delaying modern treatment. If treatment were available without such horrendous consequences, then there wouldn’t be a debate about PSA and who should be treated for prostate cancer.

Point # 4: Radiation carries its own risk factors, but many of the problems listed in point # 3 hold true for radiation, plus there is additional damage caused to the colon as it is burned and scarred by the radiation. Most men are warned about close contact with others following radiation seed implants.

Point # 5: Your doctor is dangerous to your health. According to JAMA, a very prestigious medical journal, Doctors are the number 3 cause of death in the U.S. In addition to death caused by doctors, each year 140,000 people die in hospitals due to staff errors (overworked nurses). There were over 200,000 cases of infection that required intervention with powerful antibiotics which occurred with people who had a hospital stay in the past year and hundreds of thousands of incidents with drug reactions. Your best chance of not becoming another statistic is to avoid going into the hospital. Your doctor is well trained in certain aspects of medical treatment; this does not qualify him as an expert in every aspect of the needs of the human body nor does it qualify him as an expert in approaches for which he has no training. Most doctors have a very limited education in nutrition, if any. Most doctors go thru years of medical school and never take more than a basic course in nutrition, much less any herbal training. This disqualifies him to advise you about any option concerning nutrition as a viable therapy.

Point # 6: The medical system is driven by the giant pharmaceutical companies. They made profits from one drug, Lupron, of over $1 billion last year. The FDA is fighting the enormous influence the drug companies have on them. Many of the policy makers and members who approve drugs will go on to work for the same companies they are supposed to regulate. Many drugs are rushed to market which latter prove to be ineffective or deadly. Medical journals know that many drug studies are conducted by people who have a financial interest or soon after the study go on to work for the company making the drug under study. This is a conflict of interest. The AMA is trying to limit the kickbacks and gifts that doctors get from the drug companies, after they prescribe there drugs. Who do you think is the major contributor to your representative in Washington? How do you think a law was passed giving the FDA authority to claim that only a drug could claim to cure or prevent a disease? This has to be the most idiotic statement ever made. Given the fact that the pharmaceutical industry had sales in excess of $500,000,000,000 (500 billion) last year, they are the primary advertisers doing business with medical journals, television, radio and newspapers, do you really think that they don’t overly influence medical policy in this country. Do you really think they are interested in your health and well being? Fortunately today, we have the internet, where legitimate studies are being conducted around the world with natural compounds as well as drugs. The results and conclusions are available to researchers and lay people as well. There are conscientious medical doctors and research scientist who are willing to reveal the true facts.

Point # 7: Nutrition 2000 offers you an alternative, one that your doctor may be unaware of. He will probably try to discredit any approach that he doesn’t endorse as being frivolous. Look at the facts about his training, consider the amount of money he stands to make and his fear of endorsing anything he is not authorized to endorse. This not to say that some doctors and urologist don’t recommend us to their patients, but the great majority doesn’t. Many times after a client of Nutrition 2000 has completed our program and had excellent results, he wants to tell his urologist. His reasoning is that the urologist will certainly want to know about something that works this well and prescribe it to his other patients. He is invariably disappointed when his doctor is less than enthusiastic or to discover that his doctor never called to find out more about our program as he said he would. We ask that you use your mind to determine for yourself whether we offer a viable alternative to what is commonly called the slash, burn and poison methods that modern medicine advocates. Read the research on the internet, read such books as THE PROSTATE CANCER PROTECTION PLAN by Dr. BOB ARNOT or THE PROSTATE MIRACLE new natural therapies that can save your life by Jesse A. Stoff, M.D. We have something more compelling than all these things however, that’s the testimonies of hundreds of men who have utilized Nutrition 2000’s PROSTATE CANCER PROTOCOL and have given us permission to print their letters. Many were able to avoid even having to have a biopsy, others avoided surgery and radiation. Many came to us as a last option only to find something that they had been told was worthless was the thing they had sought from the day they discovered they had cancer

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (HOSEA 4:6)