Living Water
20 +/- parts per million

    Indium is a rare trace (or micro-) mineral believed to support several hormonal systems in the body and may elevate immune activity and reduce the severity and duration of a plethora of human conditions.  It is believed that indium may provide aid to the hypothalamus and pituitary glands.  These two master hormone producers have the job of maintaining optimal output of hormones for the body.  Once this stasis is achieved, a great many other hormone-producers become stimulated, causing a domino effect and helping retard aging and various health problems.

    Indium seems to enhance food and mineral absorption by the body.  It even has been found to aid in the utilization of other essential trace elements.  Indium is not found in food or water; in fact, although it is not ordinarily found in the human body at all after approximately 25-30 years of age, most people experience beneficial results immediately.

    Some of the shot-term benefits reported by many indium users include: increased energy, an enhanced sense of well being - the so-called "indium high," and a reduced need for sleep.  Long-term benefits of indium include (but are not limited to) a gradual correction of many chronic illnesses such as: ADD, improved blood pressure, stress-related problems, healthier body weight, autism, and a reversal of visible signs of aging.

    It has been reported that when taking indium one feels rejuvenated and energized because the hormonal system is working betting.

Note: There are no sulfates in this product.


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